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Natural Gas Rates Climb 48%

As natural gas prices rise, Chamber Energy Program participants are protected.ChamberEnergyIcon 01

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Experts at Community Energy Advisors monitor market conditions and make recommendations to our members to achieve their goals, including savings, budget-ability, and a smoothing of seasonal energy rates.

Members who receive their natural gas supply through their utility or have expired supply contracts that are on monthly variable rates will be impacted by the 48% jump in the market pricing for December gas. The December gas market has settled $1.53 per MCF higher than November, leaving homes and businesses alike paying more per unit of natural gas. The majority of our members use the most natural gas from November through February, compounding the issue.

Don’t wait, lock in a low long-term fixed rate to protect yourself from these increasing seasonal prices.

Get a free quote from the Chamber Energy Program today by simply…

  1. Emailing a copy of your natural gas bill to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Or calling 330-208-2082

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