All Treats-- No Tricks-- Energy savings can be sweet, but make sure you avoid these common tricks!

All Treats  -- No Tricks
Energy savings can be sweet, but make sure you avoid these common tricks!

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Don’t Fall For These Tricks!
• Rebates – Although it sounds nice to get a rebate check at the end of an energy agreement, we have found that most times customers are paying two to three times the market rate for their electricity or natural gas.

• Introductory Offers – Have you ever thought, “This offer is too good to be true!”? Before signing up, make sure that offer lasts more than a few months. Then check to see if that low rate is going to cover you in the months you are using the most of that utility, otherwise you could wind up overpaying on a monthly variable rate that kicks in after the term of the initial offer comes to an end.
• Early Termination Fees – If you’re already in a contract, you will want to determine what your termination fees will be to move to a new offer. Sometimes it makes more sense to wait or to book a price that starts at the end of your current contract to avoid penalties. 

Snatch These Treats Through Your Chamber Energy Program! (No Costume Required)
• Savings – Our low fixed rates, offered exclusively to Chamber members, help reduce your budget and are there when you need them most.
• Protection – We do our research and stay up to date to help you make the best decision for your business or home.
• Ongoing Support – We manage your contracts and let you know when your renewal is coming up so that you never move to a variable rate and erode your savings.
We are on your side. To get a quote today, simply email the most recent copy of your electric or natural gas bill to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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