Central State University Launches First Hydroponic Container Farm on University Campus in State of Ohio

Central State University-College of Engineering, Science, Technology and Agriculture in Partnership with SodexoMAGIC and LGR Farms Launches First Hydroponic Container Farm on University Campus in State of Ohio

Sustainable Agriculture Students Train in Innovative Farming Technology Central State University, selected by Ekpe Udoh of Utah Jazz and current president of LGR Farms, to launch the first hydroponic container farm on a university campus in the state of Ohio. It will also be the first such farm among 1890 Land-Grant Universities. Protected from temperature changes and other environmental disturbances, the refurbished shipping freight, will grow fresh produce for use by the University café, operated by SodexoMAGIC. Produce will also be made available to the local community.
The container farm uses a process to grow the crops called hydroponics. The hydroponic, or soil-less technology and mechanics, provides plants with necessary sustenance through nutrient-enriched water. The farm is capable of producing commercial-grade vegetables within a small footprint. The shipping freight container is the kind you see on the back of a semi’s trailer. It is only 320 square feet but produces between one to two acres of farmland. The inside climate is controlled with an app you can download on a phone.

Central State University sustainable agriculture students will help run the container farm. The students will go through a two-day farm training camp to learn the cultivation and harvesting methods used to grow produce on the hydroponic container farm. Students will also learn what it means to live a healthy life and how important it is to take good care of the earth by using alternative crop harvesting technology.

What: Central State University Launches First Hydroponic Farm Training Camp
Who: Alisha Sampson, SodexoMagic General Manager
Dr. Cadance Lowell Chair, CSU Department Agriculture and Life Sciences
Ekpe Udoh, president, LGR Farms (available by phone interview)
Erica Young, vice president, LGR Farms (available by phone interview)
When: Fri., Oct. 19 at 1 p.m.
Where: Central State University
1400 Brush Row Rd
Wilberforce, OH 45383


About Central State University:
Central State University, located in Wilberforce, Ohio, is a regionally accredited 1890 Land-Grant University with a 131-year tradition of preparing students from diverse backgrounds and experiences for leadership, research and service. The University, which has been named HBCU of the Year by HBCU Digest, fosters academic excellence within a nurturing environment and provides a strong liberal arts foundation and STEM-Ag curriculum leading to professional careers and advanced studies globally. For more information: centralstate.edu Twitter CSUNews Facebook CentralState87

About LGR Farms
LGR Farms is a freight farm facility operating under the umbrella of “Let’s Get Right” companies founded by NBA player, Ekpe Udoh who serves as president. The mission is to improve the lives of underserved populations by advocating healthy lifestyles through urban container farming. LGR Farms is the second freight farm facility in Oklahoma, joining the growing, global hydroponic movement. LGR Farms’ first farm was delivered to the Edmond headquarters on May 17, 2018. Udoh attended Edmond Santa Fe High School in Oklahoma and hosts many nonprofit events annually in the Oklahoma City area.
For more information: www.lgrfarms.com. Twitter: @lgrfarms, Facebook: LGRFarms

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