Cedarville University Sets Another Record and Other Great News!

  • It's a Record: Cedarville University Sets New Enrollment Mark
  • Cedarville Engages Students Lives at High Level, WSJ Ranking Reports
  • Biology Program Ranked in Top 10
  • Syndicated Columnist, NY Times Best-Selling Author Jonah Goldberg at Cedarville
  • Small School; Big Impact
  • The Best Universities in Ohio According to Forbes
  • Neil Simon’s “Fools” Opens October 4
  • 25th Annual Cardboard Canoe Race a Test of Talent and Tape

It's a Record: Cedarville University Sets New Enrollment Mark
Cedarville University announced today its 12th-consecutive record enrollment. As of the official census date, Cedarville enrolled 4,193 students in its undergraduate, graduate, and dual enrollment programs—the first time in the university’s 131-year history that enrollment has surpassed 4,000. Last year’s enrollment was 3,963 which means an impressive 5.8 percent increase of 230 students.

Contributing to the record enrollment were a second consecutive record freshman class of 911 students, up 4.5% compared to last year’s record of 872 students, and an 86.5 percent freshmen-to-sophomore retention rate. The new student count included 21 enrolled in the inaugural cohort of the new civil engineering major. Enrollment in the graduate school and the university’s College Now program for high school students also achieved record enrollments of 434 and 414 respectively.
"God has granted us a privilege and responsibility to invest in the lives of this record-breaking number of students,” said Dr. Thomas White, president. "For our undergraduates, they have approximately 1,000 days on our campus, and we are committed to equipping each student for godly service, vocational distinction, and cultural engagement. Ultimately, we desire to glorify God through faithful stewardship of all the students that He has entrusted to us as they go on to serve as Christian leaders in business, healthcare, ministry and more."

According to Dr. Scott Van Loo, vice president for enrollment management, most incoming students chose Cedarville because of the university’s biblical worldview, the Bible minor built into every academic program, and the daily chapel service with dynamic worship and impactful teaching.

“We’re an institution that is ‘for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ,’” said Van Loo. “Families and students are connecting with the values that make Cedarville distinctive.”

The new freshmen come with impressive academic accomplishments. The average ACT score of this class is 26 compared to a national average of 21, while their collective high school grade point average was 3.85. Cedarville continues to attract students from all over the world.

“I am honored to serve alongside faculty and staff who worked together to welcome our incoming students to their college home,” added White. “We embrace the opportunity to educate and minister to our students so they will be ready to use their vocation as a platform for service to Christ and others.”


Cedarville Engages Students Lives at High Level, WSJ Ranking Reports
For the past three years, The Wall Street Journal has ranked Cedarville University in the top five schools nationally for student engagement. The trend continued this year as Cedarville is ranked No. 3 in the United States.

Dordt College of Iowa remained at the top of the list for the third consecutive year, and was followed by Oklahoma Baptist University, and Cedarville. Others in the top 10 include Texas Christian University, Brigham Young University, Brown University, and the University of Southern California. Cedarville University is the lone Ohio university in the rankings top tier.
According to the Journal, student engagement measures how challenged and inspired students feel inside and outside the classroom, as well as the breadth of courses their schools offer.
“It is an honor for Cedarville University to be recognized on this ranking,” said  Dr. Thomas Mach, vice president for academics and chief academic officer. “This ranking is a product of Cedarville's intentional pursuit of mentoring and discipling students. Our goal is to provide a community where students can grow in their faith.”
According to Mach, the ranking reflects the commitment to student success and growth by professors in and out of the classroom.

“They come to Cedarville for the opportunity to minister to students,” he said. “By walking with them through their 1,000 days at Cedarville, faculty and staff have the opportunity to invest in the lives of students. That investment pays dividends by preparing students for engagement in the workforce, in their society and in their church.”

Biology Program Ranked in Top 10
Cedarville University’s biology program has been listed in the top 10 in the United States by college ranking website College Raptor. Cedarville's program ranked ninth out of 800 biology degree programs.

College Raptor based its ranking on size of institution (school could not exceed 5,000 applications and 7,000 enrolled undergraduates per year). College Raptor also weighed factors such as average graduate salary, financial value and graduation rates to rank the top 10.
In the ranking, College Raptor noted that Cedarville University offers customizable study opportunities, a 13-to-1 student to faculty ratio and a high 85 percent first-year retention rate. Cedarville University offers four biology majors: Bachelor of Science in biology, Bachelor of Arts in biology, B.S. in molecular biology and B.S. in environmental science.
Built in to each biology program are upper-division electives where students receive in-depth training from experienced faculty. “We have a great biology program because of its depth and breadth,” said Mark Gathany, associate professor of biology and biology programs director at Cedarville.
Cedarville has 10 biology faculty members with different specializations unique to their individual backgrounds. “We have a big university curriculum with a small school feel,” Gathany said. “You’ll know your professors, you’ll know your academic advisor and they’ll know you by name, but at the same time you have a lot of options. You get to pick from a variety of courses.”
Incorporated into each course and lab is a biblical worldview. “We really do value and encourage biblical integration in the lab, office and classroom,” Gathany said. “Our hope is that our students will see, through modeling and their own practice, how faith and the practice of science can be used to serve others, worship God and spread the Gospel.”
Cedarville’s focus on excellence is evident in the achievements of biology grads. Graduating classes have consistently ranked above the 90th percentile — 95th for 2018 — on the Educational Testing Service Majors’ Field Test in Biology, a comprehensive assessment that measures a students’ knowledge of biology.
In addition, many biology students are finding jobs as pre-health professionals, research lab technicians and field technicians or pursuing graduate studies upon graduation.
“We know that we produce solid students who are doing really great work for God and his kingdom,” said Gathany. “It’s nice to get external recognition, but at the end of the day, we would do the same thing regardless.”

Syndicated Columnist, NY Times Best-Selling Author Jonah Goldberg at Cedarville
Syndicated political columnist, Fox News contributor and New York Times best-selling author Jonah Goldberg will lecture and host a book signing at Cedarville University’s Jeremiah Chapel Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 7:30 p.m.

The event is open to the public and free of charge. People attending, however, must register at cedarville.edu/jonahgoldberg.

Goldberg, senior editor of the National Review, will lecture on his newly released book, “Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Nationalism, Populism, and Identity Politics Is Destroying American Democracy.”

“One of the goals of the Center for Political Studies is to function like a bridge between Cedarville and the political world: to expose students to political ideas as well as send students to the Washington D.C. semester,” said Dr. Mark Caleb Smith,professor of political science and director of the Center for Political Studies. “Not everyone who is popular has something of depth to say, but Goldberg always has an interesting take on issues.”

According to Smith, Goldberg evaluates the essential nature of politics by examining the underpinnings of liberal and conservative ideologies, economic policy and the changing role of modern-day media.

“Bringing a speaker of this caliber to Cedarville exposes the speaker to our university but also introduces our students to someone who is different from what they would typically experience here,” continued Smith. “Goldberg is really good at forcing students to think about what they believe and why. He holds some unconventional opinions, not to be shocking, but to challenge in a good way.”

Smith noted that Goldberg is conservative but not what you would typically expect. “He is funny and well-read, always asking the hard questions even about conservative beliefs. The community will enjoy him, even if they do not agree with everything he says.”

Small School; Big Impact
Cedarville University’s Master of Science in Nursing program is one of the best in the country, according to OnlineMasters.com.
In a recent ranking, Cedarville’s MSN was ranked No. 15 (out of 50 programs). The national ranking puts Cedarville's program second to Ohio State University among Ohio institutions, but ahead of national powers like the University of Missouri, Florida State University, and the University of Southern California. The top five MSN programs are St. Xavier University, Ohio State University, Johns Hopkins University, North Carolina Greensboro, and the University of Kansas. Cedarville also ranked best in “flexibility.”
“The majority of our students depend on part-time or full-time employment, and the flexibility of an online learning environment allows the graduate students to work and take courses simultaneously,” said Dr. Joy Higginbotham, Cedarville University assistant dean of graduate programs and assistant professor of nursing.
Cedarville is the highest-ranked MSN program among all Christian universities in the country.
“Cedarville University’s MSN program and curriculum prepare graduate students for advanced nursing practice roles and to use nursing as a ministry for Jesus Christ,” said Higginbotham. “We maintain academic excellence through diverse expertise of the faculty and low student-faculty ratios.”
Cedarville strives to build community within its online graduate programs. Many MSN courses include interactive sessions for students to connect with their professors and peers.
“The MSN program continually improves and is successful as the result of Dr. Higginbotham's astute leadership, expert MSN faculty collaborative efforts and a supportive graduate culture at Cedarville,” said Dr. Angelia Mickle, Cedarville University professor and dean of nursing.
Cedarville offers three online MSN programs: nurse educator, family nurse practitioner and global public health nursing. Each program is offered for part-time or full-time completion, and all courses are online and biblically based. Students gain real-world experience by completing clinicals or practicums where they apply learned concepts and collaborate with nursing faculty and professionals.
For more information about Cedarville’s MSN, visit https://www.cedarville.edu/MSN. The online data can be found at https://www.onlinemasters.com/best-degree-programs/msn/.

The Best Universities in Ohio According to Forbes
Cedarville University is the top-ranked Christian university in Ohio according to a recent ranking by Forbes.
According to its “America’s Top Colleges” ranking, Cedarville is compared with Kenyon College, Case Western Reserve University and The Ohio State University. Of the 650 universities ranked nationally, 29 are from Ohio. Cedarville was ranked ninth among the Ohio schools.
Forbes’ national ranking system considers the “direct benefits schools provide their graduates.” Their methodology includes alumni salaries, student rankings, student debt, academic success and graduation rates.
“We seek to provide students with excellent programs to prepare them well because we want them to obtain vocational distinction,” said Tom Mach, Cedarville University’s vice president for academics and chief academic officer.
Cedarville University administration is committed to providing affordable education through competitive financial aid and academic scholarships. “We seek to be good stewards,” Mach said. “We work hard to keep costs as low as possible while maintaining high standards.”
In addition to Forbes’ top college list, Cedarville University has also achieved high rankings in Forbes’ private colleges, liberal arts and Midwest categories.
“With the quality of students that God has blessed Cedarville with and the focus on excellence and rigor in the academic programs at Cedarville, it is not surprising that our graduates go on to do well in what God has called them to do,” said Mach.

Neil Simon’s “Fools” Opens October 4
Cedarville University’s theatre department presents “Fools,” by Neil Simon, opening Thursday, Oct. 4, in the DeVries Theatre at the Stevens Student Center. The play will run through Oct. 14. Tickets go on sale Sept. 18 and can be purchased at www.cedarville.edu/ticketinfo.
The story follows newly employed Leon Tolchinsky, who has taken a job as a teacher in a beautiful Ukrainian village. When he arrives, he is startled to find that the town has been cursed with chronic stupidity for 200 years. Tolchinsky must find a way to break the curse and also win the heart of a girl so stupid that she has only recently learned how to sit down! “Fools” is a colorful, light-hearted comedy that children and adults can enjoy.
Neil Simon, Pulitzer-Prize-winning playwright and Broadway legend, passed away August 26 after battling pneumonia and Alzheimer’s disease. Simon authored several Broadway shows, including “Barefoot in the Park” (1963) and “The Odd Couple” (1965). Simon also worked on several television shows and movie scripts, earning four Oscar screenplay nominations in his career. “Fools” premiered on Broadway in 1980 and was later adapted into two musicals: one in 1984 and another in 1990.
Dr. Diane Conrad Merchant, who was recently recognized by the online publication Dayton Most Metro for her direction of “The Diary of Anne Frank” in 2017, will direct “Fools.”
“This is the first Simon play that I have directed, but the timing could not be more fortuitous,” said Merchant. “I enjoy Neil Simon’s comedies because they are intellectual. This play has profound thoughts about what is really important and how your intellect is not based on what other people say about you.”
Gisela Beasley, 2016 Cedarville graduate, will design the set for “Fools.” Beasley has previously designed for two Cedarville University productions: “The Diary of Anne Frank” in fall 2017 and “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” in spring 2018.
Rob Rasmusen, 2007 Cedarville graduate and adjunct professor, will design the lighting. Rebekah Priebe, assistant professor of theatre in her third year at Cedarville, will design the costumes and makeup.
“This show is such a joy to be a part of,” said Jeremy Smith, senior theatre performance major from Cedarville, Ohio, who performs as Leon. “I get to watch my friends do the most ridiculous things and have to maintain a straight face while playing opposite them! People will appreciate this show as an opportunity to just laugh and forget about any stresses they may have for a couple short hours.”
“This is my first show with Cedarville University thus far, and I can’t even begin to express the true joy of being a part of this cast,” said Beth Oldham, sophomore theatre performance major from Kenton, Ohio, who plays Sylvia in the play. “I have learned so much already. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this show and beyond!”

25th Annual Cardboard Canoe Race a Test of Talent and Tape
Making a splash, getting up speed, hoping your boat floats to the finish — those are the simple, but not always easily accomplished, goals of students participating in the 25th annual cardboard canoe race at Cedarville University on October 5. The competition is from 3-5 p.m. on the university’s Cedar Lake.  
Competitors form teams of three to four members who design and construct a cardboard boat that can carry two team members across Cedar Lake speedily and without sinking. The event takes place each year during homecoming weekend.
The first part of the competition involves all freshmen engineering students from either mechanical, computer science, electrical or the new civil engineering programs. The second part of the competition is open to all students and staff from any department.
“This is the freshmen engineering students’ first opportunity to design, build and test a project, which is very important in the engineering world,” said Dr. Bob Chasnov, dean of the school of engineering and senior professor of engineering. “For the students, the test is the competition; they are applying everything they have learned thus far in the semester. It is an excellent team-building experience.”
Each team is provided 40 feet of 41.5-inch-wide coated cardboard donated by Green Bay Packaging, Inc. and a 100-meter-long roll of 48-millimeter-wide packaging tape. No other materials are permitted.
“The students typically spend 10-12 hours outside of class designing and building their boats, which shows their dedication to this project,” continued Chasnov. “They realize that their grade will not suffer much if they lose the competition, so they are more likely to have fun with it.”
The cardboard canoe race was opened to all students, faculty and staff for the first time 18 years ago. “It has built relationships and camaraderie between the departments competing in this fun, homecoming tradition,” Chasnov explained.

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