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  • Social Work Program Ranked No. 2 in Ohio
  • A Bold New Stinger
  • Looking Good! Stevens Student Center Gets a Makeover
  • Cedarville University, Chick-fil-A Plan Campus Restaurant
  • New Residence Hall Ready for Cedarville Students
  • Cedarville University’s School of Pharmacy Re-accredited by ACPE
  • Student Pharmacists Win National Chapter of the Year
  • College Consensus: Cedarville Among Ohio's Best Universities

Social Work Program Ranked No. 2 in Ohio
swk 13 207 Cedarville University’s recently re-accredited social work program has been named one of the top programs in the country by TheBestSchools.org (TBS).
Cedarville’s social work program is ranked No. 28 on TBS’s national list of top bachelor’s degree programs -- and is ranked second among all social work programs in Ohio. The only other university from Ohio on this list is Ohio State at No. 7 nationally.  
“I’ve worked with higher education social work programs for years and I can honestly say there is no program like Cedarville University’s,” said Dr. Michael Sherr, the newly appointed chair of the social work program, who joined Cedarville this year from the Middle Tennessee State University. “We work very hard to never cut corners or compromise our high expectations for students. No other school invests in advising like Cedarville faculty do. Each student is cared for and known individually.”
The average social work program expects students will complete up to 400 hours of in-field experience during their junior and senior years. Cedarville’s program requires nearly 600 hours of field work starting with a first-year immersion experience class and internships their junior and senior years. The program also emphasizes biblical integration in the classroom, making it unique compared to other universities.
Cedarville University also has a thriving international field placement program with opportunities in Romania, Uganda and India. Leah Vance, senior social work major from Bonaparte, Iowa, spent two months in Romania this summer working with children and people with special needs.
“In Romania, I stayed with a host family, which really immersed me in Romanian culture,” said Vance. “I got to practice the skills I had learned at Cedarville in a completely new environment. The international location allowed me to see how social work is a global occupation that is conducted differently in each location. It really helped me break out of the American bubble.”
“I can see why our program is ranked as one of the best social work programs in the country,” said Vance. “I am receiving a wonderful education from professors who are enthusiastic about social work and who have worked in a variety of social work situations.
“Our small class sizes allow for more questions and our professors have more time for student interactions. I also love getting to choose my internship opportunities, so I can try different areas of social work and determine where I want to have my career.”

A Bold New Stinger
New shoes? Check. New jersey? Check. Vibrant, eye-popping colors? Check. Bold, energetic style? Check. Cedarville University’s mascot, Stinger, had his own back-to-school checklist and came back to campus sporting an athletic new look.

New Stinger“We are upping our game in terms of the game-day environment — making it more exciting and inviting and energetic,” said Stephanie Zonars, assistant athletic director for marketing and sponsorships. “We want Stinger to be a big part of that energy and getting the crowd into the game. I think this costume really communicates athleticism and competitiveness.”
The new costume, which is a full body suit, offers increased safety and comfort for the student performer inside. The new design provides greater visibility and flexibility as Stinger interacts with fans.
Stinger’s update was inspired by Cedarville’s yellow jacket logo, originally created by Jeremy Slagle, who grew up attending Cedarville basketball games with his father, the men’s coach, for eight years. “When we were working on this costume, I went back to Jeremy’s logo development drawings and used some of that for inspiration,” said Chad Jackson, creative director.
The new-look Stinger made his debut August 17-19 during Getting Started Weekend — when new students arrived on campus to begin the academic year. Stinger will appear at many athletic events and greet prospective students at the admissions department’s CU Friday visit events. “He is a strong link between student life and athletic life,” said Jackson.
The Cedarville community can expect to see Stinger buzzing around campus as he supports the Cedarville Yellow Jackets this year.

Looking Good! Stevens Student Center Gets a Makeover
SSC Makeover 2Walking through the Stevens Student Center you will see a larger-than-life 22-foot tall by 35 ½ -foot wide yellow jacket mascot on the wall. When you glance to your right, the vibrant blues and whites familiar to the Cedarville community will pop on the walls. New paint, carpet, signs, artwork: same passionate and lively student community.
The purpose of the redesign was to create a more community feel in the student center. With the color scheme that matches Cedarville’s athletic colors, the SSC now reflects vibrant student community. And, with improved directional signage, the facility becomes more user-friendly for outside guests and prospective students.
“The Stevens Student Center has many functions and, when it was originally designed, the aesthetic focused on more formal functions such as theatre performances, conferences, banquets and career fairs,” said Chad Jackson, creative director. “Our goal this summer has been to transition this formal aesthetic to something that better reflects the vibrant student life we have here at Cedarville.”
The upstairs lobby and hallways have new carpet, paint, directional signs and new artwork that reflects Cedarville. The lower lobby was partially updated in recent years, so only portions had to be repainted and recarpeted. The event rooms are also being repainted and recarpeted. The admissions front office is being recarpeted. The career services office lobby is being repainted.
“We also want the space to reflect the character and values of Cedarville so guests are informed and students are reminded of who we are,” Jackson explained. “My hope is that every person who walks into the student center will feel welcomed, energized and excited about being on campus.”

Cedarville University, Chick-fil-A Plan Campus Restaurant
Cedarville University students will soon have the option of eating at Chick-fil-A on campus, thanks to plans underway between the university and the national fast food chain. The location of the restaurant has not been finalized, but the new eatery will be open to students and the general public.

The Chick-fil-A restaurant is part of the university’s 10-year campus master plan. The new eatery, which is expected to open in July 2020, will provide another dining venue for students, reducing lines in the main dining hall and Stinger’s café.

“We are excited to partner with Chick-fil-A, an organization that shares Cedarville’s vision to glorify God through faithful stewardship,” said Thomas White, president of Cedarville University, when he announced the plan this morning to students, faculty, and staff in the University’s first chapel of the academic year. “Chick-fil-A is a favorite among our constituents, and we anticipate it will be a popular dining option for students and the community alike. The new venue is part of our strategic efforts to foster vibrant community.”

In the planned partnership between Cedarville and Chick-fil-A, the two will develop the building space, kitchen and serving areas to accommodate operational needs while creating an environment that builds community and engagement.

New Residence Hall Ready for Cedarville Students
Cedarville University will open a new residence hall in one week — Walker Hall — and name a townhouse constructed in 2012 — Rooke Hall — at the start of the 2018-19 academic year. Cedarville University has built several residential halls in recent years because of its rising enrollment, and 2018-19 is expected to be the largest enrollment in school history.

Enrollment in 2017 was 3,963 students in undergraduate, graduate, and online programs. It is anticipated enrollment will climb over 4,000 in the soon-to-start academic year. Faculty and staff hold their annual meeting on Friday, Aug. 10, and students begin moving into their residence halls on Friday, Aug. 17.

The university's first townhouse, constructed in 2012, is now called Rooke Hall in memory of the late Rev. Wilbur C. Rooke. Rooke was a member of the Cedarville Board of Trustees from 1954 to 1974.

Rooke pastored seven churches and served four churches as interim pastor during 55 years of ministry. He also served as secretary with the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC) and on the GARBC’s governing council. He was a board member of the Baptist Christian School of Cleveland, Ohio, and the Baptist Bible Institute (BBI). BBI and Cedarville College merged in 1953.

“Wilbur Rooke was one of my heroes of the faith,” said Dr. Murray Murdoch, senior professor of history, who has taught at Cedarville since 1965. “He took a strong stand on the great doctrines of the Scripture, but always in a godly, gracious way.”

Rooke Hall has been a popular housing option for graduate students and upperclassmen. The 12,000-square-foot facility has eight six-person units each with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, washer and dryer and a furnished living room. Rooke Hall was constructed at a cost of $2 million.

Walker Hall, set to open in August, is named for Richard G. Walker, a longtime Cedarville employee who made a lifelong impact on students through his various staff roles.

Walker began his tenure at the university (then, Cedarville College) in 1970 in intramural recreation and food services. From 1975 until 1984 Walker served as the dean of men for the university, and in 1984 became the director of campus activities, the position he held until 2006. Walker then served families and alumni through his roles as dean of community and family life programs then coordinator for alumni engagement until his retirement in 2012.

“I think Dick Walker has probably made some of the most significant contributions of anyone who’s been at Cedarville,” said chancellor and former president Dr. Paul Dixon. Walker is a familiar name and a service role model to nearly four decades of Cedarville graduates.

Constructed at a cost of $3.3 million, Walker Hall features four 16-person units. Each of the spacious units includes eight bedrooms, a large living space, a kitchenette, a study lounge and a bathroom with built-in laundry.

According to Dr. Jon Wood, vice president for student life and Christian ministries, two significant goals of the university’s residence life program are discipling students and building community. “We view our residence halls as places for our students to live out biblical principles in their relationships with each other,” he said. “We bring that perspective into the way we design each of these unique living spaces.”

Both Walker and Rooke Halls will be officially named and dedicated as part of the university’s homecoming festivities in October.


Cedarville University’s School of Pharmacy Re-accredited by ACPE  
The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) board granted Cedarville University’s school of pharmacy the maximum four-year re-accreditation for new schools following its recent site visit.
The accreditation process  offers a professional judgment of the quality of a school of pharmacy’s professional program. The accreditation encourages continued program improvement and includes both quality assurance and quality enhancement.
“The school of pharmacy went through an extensive onsite evaluation that included a review of reports and discussion with many of our professors, students, faculty, staff, preceptors and alumni,” said Dr. Marc Sweeney, founding dean of the school of pharmacy and  professor of pharmacy. “The successful accreditation outcome ensures our ongoing accreditation, which is required for our Doctor of Pharmacy graduates to become eligible for licensure in all 50 states.”  
ACPE accreditation is public recognition that a professional degree program leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree is judged to meet established ACPE qualifications and education standards. This is ensured through initial and subsequent periodic evaluations.
“I am very thankful to our faculty, staff, students and preceptors for their work and representation of our program to the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education,” said Sweeney. “We received a number of accolades from ACPE about the quality of our program and students.”  

Student Pharmacists Win National Chapter of the Year
Cedarville University’s Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) chapter has been selected as the National Chapter of the Year. The final phase of the competition took place at the SNPhA National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, July 27-30.

Cedarville competed in the medium-sized chapter division, for chapters with 50 to 99 members. The competition was determined by how many points the chapter earned through various in- and out-of-school activities.

Cedarville won in its medium-sized division category, but was also named best chapter overall among chapters with small, medium and large memberships. There are 92 chapters in the SNPhA.

“Cedarville’s chapter is only two and a half years old, yet we are the top chapter. This shows that we live out our motto of serving the underserved,” commented chapter president Ankit Pandav, a fourth-year pharmacy student. “We serve, give back to the community and are intentional about showing God’s love in our interactions with patients.”

College Consensus: Cedarville Among Ohio's Best Universities
If you gathered all university rankings and student satisfaction scores from across the internet, and somehow combined that information into a meaningful big-picture comparison, what would you find? You’d discover Cedarville University among the top universities in Ohio.

According to College Consensus, Cedarville University ranks fourth among Ohio colleges and universities. Only Oberlin University, Kenyon College and Denison University ranked higher than Cedarville. Universities in the top 10 include Xavier University (fifth), Ohio State University (sixth), Case Western Reserve University (ninth) and the University of Dayton (10th).

College Consensus (collegeconsensus.com) pulls all rankings from sources such as U.S. News & World Report, Forbes and many others and averages those numbers, then receives scores from student review sites like Cappex and Student Review to create an overall value. Cedarville scored a 59 in the publisher scale and an 82.5 among student sites for a composite score of 70.8.

“I think this ranking is particularly compelling for us at Cedarville University,” commented Dr. Thomas Mach, vice president for academics. “We seek to serve our students well, and the fact that the student voice is heard in this ranking is very important to us. We look forward to continuing to serve our students well as we seek to equip them for what God is calling them to do.”

“Our commitment to the truth found in Scripture drives us to serve our students well and prepare them with excellence to follow the call that God has placed upon them,” Mach continued. “In so doing, we believe we will offer the best possible education to our students and create a community on campus that facilitates their preparation for a life of service.”


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