Update from Anthem....Connecting Care for Great Health and Lower Costs

Connecting Care for Great Health And Lower Costs....

Great things often start with a simple idea – like connecting the dots. That’s what Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Whole Health ConnectionSM approach to health care is all about.

How Whole Health Connection works
Using claims and history data, Anthem builds a full-spectrum health profile that connects the dots between all types of care your employees receive – medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, behavioral health, and disability. Anthem then makes this information available to their doctors and other caregivers. Seeing the bigger picture can help doctors catch diseases like diabetes, cancer, or heart disease earlier, which can mean earlier treatments and better results.

How it saves money
Connecting the dots creates a complete picture with better data, better insights, and better outcomes. For example:
     Medical costs were up to 74% lower, and there were fewer hospital stays when patients who had a chronic disease or were pregnant treated their periodontal disease.1
·     $8,000 was saved in medical costs for members with a connected medical and disability plan.2
·     More than 26,000 diabetics were identified earlier through yearly routine eye exams.3

How can Whole Health Connection help your business?
To learn more about how Anthem Whole Health Connection can lower costs and help improve the health of your employees, go to www.anthem.com/specialty or contact your broker or Anthem account manager.

1 American Journal of Preventive Medicine. “Impact of Periodontal Therapy on General Health Study”: June 2014.
2 Anthem, Inc. Productivity Solutions data study and actuarial validation, 2015.
3 Anthem, Inc. data, 2016.
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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name of Community Insurance Company. Independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ANTHEM is a registered trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc.

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