SCAM Alert for Local Greene County Restaurants

Greene County Public Health was recently notified by Public Health Dayton-Montgomery County that two local restaurants in Montgomery County reported that there is an individual who is impersonating a Public Health official and contacting local restaurants in an attempt to solicit credit card information.

The caller is claiming that there has been a complaint filed against the business and that Public Health is requiring a fee to come out and do an inspection. The caller is then asking for the restaurant to provide credit card information over the phone.

Restaurant management should report any suspicious calls to the local police department. For questions or more information, please call 937-374-5600.

About Greene County Public Health:
Our services are designed to protect and improve the health of the community. We provide convenient, affordable direct care services to children and pregnant women, dental care, WIC, special services to families with medical and developmental needs, school inspections, general operations, nuisance abatement, rabies, and other environmental health investigations. We ensure food and water are safe, protection from disease, and readiness to respond to emergencies. The organization was created by Ohio Revised Code 3707 and 3709 in 1920. Our mission is to prevent disease, protect our environment, and promote healthy communities and wellness in Greene County.

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