Greene CATS Connection June/July 2018 Newsletter


Have you ever wondered what all the terms and acronyms mean when it comes to transportation options in your area? Well, here is a compiled list to help you decipher what options may be available.

Public Transit Fixed Route:  Public transit agencies typically provide fixed route service by bus and rail along established routes with set schedules and no reservations required. Some human services programs provide limited fixed route services that follow a regular schedule, such as daily trips to and from a Center for Independent Living or a senior center, or weekly trips to the grocery store or shopping mall. Reduced rate fares are available for older adults and persons with disabilities.
Complementary Paratransit: As an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) required complement to fixed route public transit, this service is limited to those persons who are not able to use fixed route service. Paratransit operates within ¾ of a mile of the fixed route. It must operate in the same areas and during the same hours as the fixed route service. It provides door-to-door service for all its passengers. To qualify, riders will need to meet specific eligibility requirements established under ADA. A personal care attendant can travel with the passenger at no cost.
Demand-Response: Sometimes called Dial-a-Ride, demand-response generally refers to any transportation service that dispatches vehicles by phone requests. Demand-response does not follow a fixed route and depending on program resources and demand, requests might need to be made within 24-48 hours or more in advance. Demand-response vehicles typically carry multiple passengers picked up from different entry points and dropped off at separate destinations.
Medicaid: Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT): Medicaid NEMT transportation is provided for Medicaid beneficiaries to get to and from medical services. Different states have various Medicaid NEMT qualifications, but the Medicaid beneficiary may be required to illustrate an unmet transportation need, which may include: Not having a valid driver’s license; Not having a working vehicle available in the household; Being unable to travel or wait for services alone; or Having a physical, cognitive, mental, or developmental limitation.
Shared Ride Services: (also known as Transportation Network Companies or TNCs): These services, which include Uber and Lyft, connect private pay passengers with drivers who provide the transportation in their own vehicles. Passengers connect with the drivers via websites or mobile apps on their smartphone and also pay for the services through a personal account on their phone. These services do not typically offer wheelchair accessible vehicles or rider assistance. A growing number of communities offer access to shared ride services to older adults and people with disabilities through a scheduling phone line which may be operated by a nonprofit organization.
Taxi Services: Taxis are licensed vehicles that offer on-demand services to passengers. Trips usually can be scheduled in advance or on the spot, and fares are charged per-mile or per-minute on top of a base charge for each trip. Many communities require taxi companies to have accessible vehicles in their fleets. Some community agencies offer taxi vouchers to older adults and people with disabilities who meet certain eligibility criteria.


"Greene County Board of Developmental Disabilities (GCBDD) and Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities (MCBDD) are teaming up again for our 3rd year of Career Exploration and Work Experience Summer Boot Camp.  These Summer Boot Camps are designed to help build soft skills for Employment.  The one week Career Exploration Camp is for students between the ages of 14-17 and the 4 ½ Work Experience Camp is for students between the ages of 18-22.  Through this camp the individuals will experience volunteer work experience and learn more about themselves through interest inventories, touring businesses and experiencing hands-on activities and how that relates to the world of employment.  In addition they will learn self-advocacy and self-determination skills along with social skills and communication in the work place.  GCBDD and MCBDD will also collaborate with Greene CATS and RTA of Greater Dayton to provide travel training.  The students will learn about the public transit systems offered in both counties and how the public transportation system works.  In addition, the students will also receive the Street Smarts training that will teach and reinforce safe pedestrian travel.  This will be the third year Greene CATS and Dayton RTA have worked with this Summer Boot Camp.  Transportation is one of the barriers for individuals to maintain competitive employment, and both public transportation systems are helping to break down this barrier." ~ Kathy Kleiser, GCBDD



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For Americans independence is not only a National Holiday we celebrate every 4th of July but a way of life that is reflected in the way we travel. We love to be able to jump in our cars and go anywhere we want anytime we want.  Frankly, we are a little bit spoiled that way.  There are times however, when a shared ride is the better way to go like when loading up the van with family or friends to attend a Reds game.  It takes a little coordination to pick everybody up but it costs less for everyone and its fun riding together.  The service provided by Greene CATS is much the same.  We take requests from riders wanting to go to locations throughout Greene and Montgomery Counties picking them up at their homes adding others along the way to provide as many trips as possible at the lowest cost possible for everyone.  These shared rides require the willingness of riders to be more flexible with their schedules. Although we strive to provide the most direct and least time consuming trips possible, our schedulers may ask you to arrive up to 30 minutes for an appointment and ride up to a total of 60 minutes to get to and from your home.  This allows us to include as many riders as possible on the vehicles we operate daily.  Since Greene CATS mixes riders funded by social service agencies with those paying their own fares it is likely you may have someone with whom you will share your ride.  Who knows? You might make a new friend or at least have a friendly conversation with a real live person. It may not be your first choice but being willing to share a ride will help you maintain your independence. Happy 4th of July!

Until our paths cross again.

Ken Collier, Executive Director




Greene CATS Scheduled Rides service is typically Curb-to-Curb. In curb-to-curb service, passengers exit the vehicle at the curb or driveway of their destination.  The driver does not assist the passenger to the door of their residence or other destination. However, what if you need more assistance because of age or disability? When you are scheduling your trip you then can request Door-to-Door service. In door-to-door, drivers provide assistance to help passengers enter and exit the vehicles and may walk with passengers to the front door of their residence or destination. Greene CATS does not provide Door-through-Door service. In Door-through-Door, drivers help passengers from the vehicle through the doors of their residences or destinations. If you have any questions, please call our Scheduling Office at 937-708-8322 and choose option 1.


Stay Safe This Summer!

“Summer means vacation, outdoor activities, and fun in the sun! It’s a time when families hit the road to visit national parks or distant relatives. The warm months and long days mean that there is plenty of time for baseball games and barbecues. The sultry temperatures practically invite you to take a dip in the pool. But don’t let the sunny days and warm nights fool you. Summer also holds significant weather and water hazards. Heat waves can be lengthy and deadly. Lightning deaths are at their peak during the summer. While the weather may be wild, you are not powerless. This summer, prepare for hazards with these simple steps: You may have only minutes to find shelter before a tornado strikes. Practice a family tornado drill at least once a year. Protect yourself from extreme heat by rescheduling outdoor activities to earlier in the day. There is no safe place outside when lightning is in the area. If you hear thunder, you are likely within striking distance of the storm. Just remember, When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors. Whether on foot or in a car, if you encounter flood waters, Turn Around Don’t Drown! Make sure to check the Air Quality Index for your area at If the air quality is poor, avoid prolonged or extreme exertion outdoors.  Be a Force of Nature and share how you’re working to stay safe from weather and water hazards this summer.”


July 4, 2018
Independence Day

Greene CATS Demand Responsive Flex Routes will not be in operation on Wednesday, July 4, 2018.

Greene CATS Scheduled Rides will be LIMITED. Please note: anybody who pays fares for scheduled rides will automatically be placed on the daily waiting list for any scheduled rides on Wednesday, July 4, 2018.

In observance of Independence Day, the Scheduling Office will be closed July 4, 2018.

For more information contact Greene CATS scheduling office at 937.708.8322



Early Scheduling Deadlines


If You Would Like a Reservation For: You Must Reserve No Later Than:

July 6, 2018
July 3, 2018

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