Key Chrysler Donates Accessorized DARE Truck to Xenia Police Division

Xenia, Ohio (April 5, 2018) The Xenia Police Division (XPD) recently received a daring 2017 Dodge Ram Pickup Truck from Key Chrysler to be used in XPD’s Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program.  The truck will replace the 2002 Cadillac Escalade currently used as the DARE program vehicle. The Tobey Auto Group (Chris and Alexandra Tobey) collaborated with the Xenia Police Division to provide a vehicle that would draw the attention to the DARE program and showcase the relationship between the Xenia Police Division and the Xenia Community Schools.

 The DARE program was founded in 1983 in Los Angeles that gives school age children information and skills needed to avoid involvement in drugs, gangs, and violence. Nationally, the program is in nearly seventy five percent of the nation’s school districts and more than fifty countries around the world.  

 The Xenia Police Division has been using the converted drug-seized Cadillac Escalade for the past 13 years as their current DARE vehicle, which is used by XPD Officer Jackie Masur to travel between schools.   The Escalade had high miles when the police division obtained it.  After years of wear and tear, electrical and rust issues, it became less reliable to drive and operate as a DARE vehicle.  Officer Masur stated, “the new DARE Vehicle provides another great opportunity to promote the DARE program and our partnership with the Xenia Community Schools and community. I truly appreciate the continued partnership with Key Chrysler and their support of the DARE Program.”

 Chris Tobey of the Tobey Auto Group stated,   “As a family, we recognize the dangers that drug use poses to all our children and we are grateful for all of the good things the DARE program accomplished in our community and for the children. We are proud to be able to support the DARE program and all of the dedicated people that make it happen.”

 Xenia Police Division Chief Randy Person added, “the DARE program has long been a benefit to the Xenia Community and to schools with its commitment to our children and their safety. We greatly appreciate the generosity and partnership with Key Chrysler and the Tobey Auto Group for providing the Xenia Police Division with a DARE vehicle.”

 The vehicle is wrapped with bright colors and Xenia Police logos, as well as Officer Masur’s name in several areas. It is also accessorized with multiple LED lights, musical siren and other features that will make it stand out during DARE school visits.

 The Xenia Police Division also extends thanks to Key Mobility for outfitting the truck with a variety of accessories, to Danco Lettering for the outstanding decal wrap and KE Rose for installing emergency lights and sirens.


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