Progress Drive Road Improvements

Xenia, Ohio (March 22, 2018) - Progress Drive in Xenia will get a facelift beginning next week and continuing through the end of June. The City of Xenia, working with major funding from the Ohio Public Works Commission, will commence roadway improvements next week that will occur at the southern section of Progress Drive from West Main Street to West Second Street.   In addition to the roadway repairs, work will include the removal and replacement of American Disability Act (ADA) compliant ramps at the intersections of Progress Drive with: W. Main Street., Harner Drive, Prouty Drive, Hospitality Drive, and W. Second Street. The City of Xenia received a $367,000 grant to complete a portion of the work through the Ohio Public Works Commission, with the remainder of the project, $128,989, supported by local funds.

The majority of the improvements involve repair of failed transverse joints with new dowel bar connections. Concrete around the failed joints and transverse cracks will be removed on both sides of the failures which have occurred after years of car and heavy truck traffic. The project also specifies a base repair to occur at the failed concrete pavement panels. The entire failed concrete panel will be removed and replaced with a new poured-in-place concrete panel.

This project also involves adding ADA compliant ramps on all intersections of Progress Drive. In addition, the project calls for repairing/replacing all catch basins and broken curb within the public right-of-way. The work described in this project will encompass all existing aspects of the traffic markings and signal detector loops.

Due to the nature of the work, it is expected that temporary lane closures, including reducing traffic at some times to one lane, will occur along Progress Drive. The repair contractor is required to maintain traffic at all times, but the public should plan for expected delays.

The City of Xenia Engineering Division advises motorists to seek alternate routes for the duration of the project. Hospitality and Harner Drives will remain open for motorists to travel around the Progress Center Commercial District.

Questions and comments on the Progress Drive improvements can be directed to the City of Xenia Engineering Division at 937-376-7265.

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