Cheryl Fisher our April Speaker at WIB

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Join us April 12th 11:30 - 1pm to hear Cheryl Fisher

Cheryl Fisher 17 0006Cheryl Fisher is employed at Cedarville University and works alongside of Faculty and Staff, aiding efforts to cultivate life-long financial connections with alumni, friends and organizations, who have a passion for education.

Cheryl has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Marshall University and is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Psychology. She is planning to continue her education and obtain her Doctorate in Psychology. Her long term goal is to work in a clinical setting helping individuals deal with grief resulting from various life events.

Cheryl has worn many hats, including: wife, mother, home school teacher and a variety of jobs in the business world. She is also involved in various ministries in her church.

We will meet April 12th at the Xenia YMCA, 135 E. Church St.  Registeration is Required

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