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BWC Important Dates


BWC Website Make Over

Grow Ohio

Birthday and Anniversary

Group-Retro Enrollment

Self-Insured Assessment Invoices

Public Employer PERRP Notice

Employee of the Month

2018 Ohio Safety Congress & Expo

The OSHA Act

Mandatory 2-Hour Training

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Tyler Writer

  for these important BWC dates

Private Employers:
January 31st

  • Deductible program application deadline date for 7/1 start date
  • Individual retro rating application for 7/1 start date
  • OCP program application deadline for 7/1 start date
  • Group-retro application deadline for 7/1 start date


Public Employers
January 1st

  • Policy year starts
  • DFSP program year starts
  • Individual retro-rating plan program starts
  • Deductible program year starts
  • Group-retro program year starts
  • Group-experience rating program year starts
  • EM Cap program year starts
  • OCP program year starts 
  • Payroll True-Up notice sent for PY 2017

January 2nd

  • First prospective installment due for PY 2018 (employer may opt to defer)
  • Early Payment Discount due date, employer must pay the full PY 2018 estimated annual premium

January 31st

  • DFSP accident analysis training deadline for 1/1 program start date. New supervisors have 60 days form hire date to complete
  • DFSP online safety management self-assessment (SH-26) deadline for 1/1 start date
  • ISSP online safety management self-assessment (SH-26) deadline for 1/1 start date

The BWC's website is getting a make over. 

Expect to see the first changes in the early part of this year.

The new website will better meet guidelines making accessibility for you the user a whole lot easier. 

Plus, content will be timely and services much shorter and easier to read.

 To learn more, click website.

Do you know anyone starting a new business in Ohio?

Be sure to tell them about the BWC's

Incentive Program.

Grow Ohio - allows employers new to the Ohio area the opportunity to take advantage of significant discounts when they either sign-up to join a group-experience-rating program or can receive an automatic discount on their workers' compensation premiums.

  • Employers who opt to join a group-experience-rating program receive a premium discount-potentially up to 53% effective their FIRST day of coverage.
  • Those employers who do not join a group, can receive up to a 25% discount on their workers' compensation premiums.

Visit the BWC
to learn more about Grow Ohio, or simply click GROW OHIO

Happy Birthday
Ross Hunter
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Alisha Tyler
Sandra Moore

Happy Anniversary
Pam Moore

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Group-Retro Enrollment continues to

The deadline to enroll in the Group-Retrospective program is

January 24th, 2018


Self-Insured Employers

Your assessment invoices are on the way. You can expect to receive your invoice no later than the end of January.

Keep in mind the payment due date means the payment must post to your account by the due date to be considered "on time."


For your convenience, the BWC has provided several payment options: 

  • Electronic Check
  • Automated Clearing House Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • Check by Mail

Be sure to include the policy number on the check and attach the stub included with the invoice. Neglecting to do this will delay payment processing.

For more information click BWC.


SI40's are due February 28th

Public Employment Risk Reduction Program

Public Employers are required to provide each public employee with a workplace free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm.

What's an essential component of a successful workplace safety and health program? And what helps public employers analyze their working environment for existing and predictable hazards that are likely to cause serious injuries & illnesses? You guessed it, accurate injury & illness recordkeeping. 

All Ohio public employers must complete the PERRP recordkeeping forms or an equivalent:

  1. The Injury & Illness Incident Report (301P)
  2. Log of Work-Related Injuries & Illnesses (300P)
  3. The Summary of Work-Related I njuries & Illnesses (300AP)
  4. PERRP Sharps Injury Form & Needlestick Report (SH-12)

PERRP Filing Tutorial

PERRP Filing Tutorial

All Public Employers must submit their annual recordkeeping 300AP Summary Form by 


Click 300AP to submit your form online.

Dharmang Hansaliya
Software Engineer


For just over a year, I've been working at Hunter Consulting Company as a Software Engineer. During that time, I've been responsible for developing new and innovative programs that add value to you the client. Also, I assist the IT department with some system administration work.

I'm a recent Northern Kentucky graduate earning a Bachelor's Degree in IT and will begin a Master's program this month.

When I'm not in front of a computer, I consider myself an expert "foodie" as I enjoy exploring new restaurants around the city and binge watch movies on Netflix.

I can't thank my co-worker's enough for choosing me as Employee of the Month for January!

2018 Ohio Safety Congress & Expo
March 7-9 Greater Columbus Convention Center
Safety - It's a Team Effort

The New Year brings resolutions sure, but it also brings three days in March so packed full of free educational sessions, exhibitors, free continuing education credits, and BWC program credits for Ohio employers who attend the annual Ohio Safety Congress & Expo.

Some of this year's key topics include tips on how to prevent workplace injury & illnesses, achieve better outcomes for injured workers and the reduction of workers' compensation claim costs. 

Plan your visit to the Columbus Convention Center in March and mingle with more than 7000 representatives from local businesses, organizations and government entities who understand safety is a "team effort" and therefore, are dedicated to keeping Ohio's workforce healthy and productive. 

 We'll see you there!

 For more information or to register, click Registration.

The OSHA Act of 1970 was set up to encourage employers to develop and operate their own job safety and health programs. Under that same act, OSHA developed very specific responsibilities for employers to implement and follow. 

It's noteworthy to mention that during an OSHA inspection, OSHA does not have to explain to you (the employer) what your responsibilities are until the Closing Conference, and by that time, it's probably too late!

Gary Hanson, President of American Safety & Health Management Consultants Inc., confirms, "a failure to know what OSHA requires can add thousands of dollars in fines" to a non-compliant employer's budget. 

To see a full list of your responsibilities as the employer, click OSHA ACT. Then, immediately check your procedures and ensure these responsibilities are communicated to your management staff as to avoid costly OSHA violations and fines.

Source: Gary Hanson, President of American Safety & Health Management Consultants Inc.

Public Employers, your green year 
has changed.

Any employer that incurred a claim during the GREEN year and is currently participating in a WORKERS' COMPENSATION GROUP RATING PROGRAM,
must complete 2 hours of safety training
to be compliant with Ohio BWC guidelines.

 Private Employer green year:
July 1, 2015- September 30, 2016

Public Employer green year:
**January 1, 2016 - March 31, 2017** 

 There are a number of options available for completing this requirement, employers can:

    Dates, times, and locations

  • Complete the BWC's online Accident Analysis course and the corresponding report.

Once you have completed the training send your CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION to Alisha Tyler via fax at (513) 372-8742 or via email at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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