New Tax Law Changes - Individuals

We have attempted to recap some of the tax law changes that affect many individuals as below:

1)   We still have the seven–bracket individual tax structure but now with mostly lower tax rates.
2)    The marriage tax penalty has been effectively eliminated for all except for married couples with taxable income north of $400,000.
3)    Although, the higher standard deduction was billed as a tax cut, it really falls more into the realm of tax simplification. However, one must keep in mind that the personal exemption deduction was eliminated. So, for most people, what the government gives with one hand, they taketh away with the other.
4)    If your children are 17 or older or you take care of elderly relatives, you can claim a nonrefundable $500 credit, subject to income thresholds.
5)    Funds saved in a 529 savings plan may now be used for private school and tutoring (K – 12).
6)    Income thresholds for capital gains no longer match the tax brackets as before.
7)    People who don’t buy health insurance will no longer pay a tax penalty (effective in 2019).
8)    The net investment income tax of 3.8% remains the same.
9)    Interest on home equity debt may no longer be deducted.
10)  The Child and Dependent Care Credit remains in place.
11)  Some charitable donations may now be deducted up to 60% of income (up from 50%).
12)  Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) is now adjusted for inflation and the AMT exemption amounts have increased.  Both are good.
13)  Estate tax exemption has effectively doubled to $11.2 million lifetime exclusion.
14)  Deductions that didn’t survive:
       A.    Casualty and theft losses (other than a federally declared disaster).
       B.    Unreimbursed employee expenses.
       C.    Tax preparation expenses (still okay for businesses, rentals, and various investments, etc.).
       D.    Moving expenses.

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