County Treasurer Currently Accepting Pre-Payment

County Treasurer Currently Accepting Pre-Payment of Upcoming Real Estate Taxes

Xenia, Ohio, December 26, 2017 —

Greene County Treasurer Dick Gould announced that the Treasurer’s office will accept prepayment of upcoming real estate taxes (2017 taxes payable in 2018) for amounts up to the total taxes due, or estimated to be due, so that taxpayers can take advantage of any recommended income tax strategies due to the passage of the Federal Tax Reform Act.  

The actual amounts of taxes due from the State have not yet been received, but will be posted on the website when they become available. The office located at 15 Greene Street, Xenia, will be open through Friday, Dec. 29th, with regular business hours, 7:30 am until 4:30 pm. See for payment options.

Greene Co. Treasurer’s Office

937-562-5672 (Phone)

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