Legacy Christian Academy is on the move (Again)!!

Parents, alum, alum families, teachers and staff, past teachers and staff, community, business owners, churches and pastors:

The mission of Christian education and the many facets of discipleship and mentoring are taking place at LCA!  God is using us, blessing us, and positioning our school for “such a time as this” in the Greene county and surrounding area!

A major area of excitement and next step in the grand scheme of our progress and vision quest is the renovation of the Legacy Arts and Worship Center.

Please check out the attached material and video communication to see what this is all about.

Consider giving and sponsoring this project at whatever level you can, but we are promoting a naming system per chair for $800 each.  Of course, it is a way to raise the $800,000 needed, but what a fantastic way to honor people, much like the Hebrews 11 Chapter of Faith.  How cool to see our community (Body of Christ) names, year of graduation, Bible verses, Hall of fame recipients, businesses, and churches surrounding this building as a mark of the Hebrews 12 synopsis that we are the great cloud of witnesses cheering on the next generation of disciples and believers to run the race before them full-tilt!!

There are many ways you can honor our mission by the things you say on the plates. You may want to put your family name and the years of attendance on the plaque.  You may want to buy a chair for each of your graduates in the family.  You could honor a teacher who has meant a lot to you (current or from the past). You may want to put your business name and a verse, or the name of your church (we have 60 churches with students here currently).  We are open to other creative methods, but the goal is to symbolize a united body working together to see God’s work happen now and into the future.

Think about the power and value of a first-class auditorium that focuses on the arts, music, musicals and plays, community events, chapels, and other worship events to make a statement of excellence to the glory of our God and to be an encouragement to walk in His principles and grace!

I am so thankful for our great start!  We have near $220,000 committed already.  We are hoping and praying for 500 or so families, churches, businesses to jump in and make this renovation a reality.  Would it not be amazing, and an extraordinary joy, to see this money raised, and project complete by next school year!?  It can happen when the Body of Christ comes together and makes it so!

We will be charting the chairs purchased and the money raised.  Information sheets are attached.  We have time to keep thinking about those perfect combination of words and how that will look.  This may be a great year-end gift, but you are also able to give on a payment basis for the next ten months.

Do your part!  Let’s make this happen and then look back and recount the goodness of the Lord as He used all of us to make a difference in this area, during this time period and beyond!

In His Grip,

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