Penalty Relief for Delinquent Partnership Returns

In case you are unaware, some Internal Revenue Service filing due dates have changed. These new deadlines which began with the 2016 tax year for returns filed in 2017 included the Form 1065, U.S. Return of Partnership Income. The original due date for calendar-year partnerships was April 15th, the same as your personal income tax return. The new due date for calendar-year partnerships is March 15th.

S corporations have always been due March 15th. Partnerships and S corporations are known as “pass-through entities” because all items of income and expense get “passed through” and are reported on the owners’ personal income tax returns. Partnerships and S corporations generate a K-1 for each partner, shareholder or member. The K-1 provides information necessary for preparation of the owner's personal return.

By moving the due date of partnerships up to March 15th, the IRS hopes more returns can be filed by April 15th, rather than having to file extensions due to late K-1’s. Or, to say it another way, the Internal Revenue Service hopes to get your tax money faster by taxpayers filing earlier.

However, many partnerships did not meet the new, earlier filing deadline and either filed their returns and/or their extensions late. If you are an owner of a partnership that has received a penalty notice for late filing, we may have some good news. If certain conditions are met, the Internal Revenue Service may provide you relief from the penalties normally assessed when filing a delinquent return. These types of penalties for partnerships may be quite significant since they are assessed on a per partner, per month basis. So, if you have one of these types of notices, let us know. We can help.

Sometimes we have to be thankful for the small things in life.  

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