XCSF Grant Brings Arts to XHS

The Muse Machine experience will expose six hundred students at Xenia High School to the arts this year. The Xenia Community Schools Foundation has provided $2,600.00 in grant funds to make this possible.

Grant funds are supporting in-school interactive performances, allowing arts learning to connect students and teachers to artistic experiences. Planned experiences include dance, theater, music companies and independent artists. There are various connections to the curriculum. A Muse Machine Club is also forming.

Staff member Jennifer Burgess reports that students loved the first performance on October 13th, of Madness behind the Method. Presented by the Black Box Improv Theatre, it was a highly interactive performance that emphasized active listening, teamwork, creativity, and saying "yes" to ideas through improv comedy and music. All freshman students and their teachers attended. On November 3rd, Shuffle off This Mortal Coil, will be presented to sophomores. Shuffle off This Mortal Coil is one actor's look at the many deaths included in Shakespeare's plays. On February 3rd, The Magic Behind the Movies will perform for juniors.

XHS staff members involved with this project are meeting with students interested in pursuing individual Muse Machine memberships. Plans are underway for that group to take some trips to local Dayton-area theatres to see live ballet, drama, and orchestral performances.

Muse Machine is not just impacting students. Faculty members from almost every department at XHS are getting involved! This program is bringing together students and staff of all ages and interests to support the arts.

hhhThe Xenia Community Schools Foundation is dedicated to enriching the academic pursuits of all students, faculty and staff within the Xenia Community Schools. The Foundation has provided grants for teacher and classroom enrichment programs and scholarships, from the investment income of the Foundation and donations, for the past thirty years. The Xenia Community Schools Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. For additional information, visit xcsfoundation.com.

The Healthy Halloween Hustle is one of several fundraising events hosted by the Xenia Community Schools Foundation
to support grants for Xenia Community Schools.

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