RESTORE July 2017 Newsletter

The Ultimate Rest Stop
May Marked Our One Year Anniversary! Thank You For Picking Us!

Since we are a small family owned business we are able to do things that the big massage chains don't do!

Your Session Time Is Not Offered Anywhere Else!
We offer full 60 minute/90 minute sessions. Not the typical 50 minute/70 minute sessions the chain stores are offering. This allows you to get the most for your time and money. We fully support and encourage our clients to take the time to get away from their worries, stress, and daily grinds.

We Include "Idle Time" After Every Session 
We encourage rest and relaxation to combat stress, so therefore;
each of our sessions automatically comes with time after your massage to rest and to feel the full effects of your session before you head back out into your busy life. 

From Start To Finish We Offer A Rush-Free Experience
Your nervous system thanks you for taking the time to take a breather! Our clients are special to us and it's important to us to take the time for each person. We are never in a rush to get people in and out.

Our Clients Are People....And People Matter.
We are dedicated on building relationships and building strong foundations. We can help our clients feel their best, if we know what they want and need. By getting to know our clients we can help them achieve their goals and bring the balance back to their health..  In life, it's the people in it who can leave the biggest imprint.

Take time to care for others.....but don't forget about caring for yourself as well. If your health failed, who in your life would be lost without you? 


Your body can naturally combat stress, however; each of our bodies have a threshold. Once the threshold is broken, stress can have major implications on your health.

After the threshold is broken, your nervous system goes into high gear causing anxiety at the cellular level. An elevated nervous system is not good for your body and can cause you to feel anxious and can exhaust your body very quickly.

Once this starts to happen your immune system weakens and your body is no longer capable of fighting off illness as it once could.

 On top of the stress you already are having you may begin to notice that you don't feel quite yourself and you aren't feeling well. Then you begin to stress about that. This just adds to your "I'm Now Stressed About This" List. 

Your immune system weakens more....

Now you are starting to notice side effects of the stress....headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, chronic pain, exhaustion, rashes, irritability, depression.

On the inside of your body 
Your normal body systems are not functioning correctly and are weakening. This is where long term , chronic illness can settle in and take over. 

Leaving Stress Unchecked.....Not Good
The threshold is different for everyone. Once your body can't manage your stress it will begin to show you with signs. Left ignored you will then start to experience symptoms.

Our Bodies Are Naturally Self-Healing
Keeping your stress in check and on your to-do list is the best thing you can do for your body as a whole.  It is never too late to start caring about your stress levels and doing things that calm down your nervous system.

Engaging yourself with stress relieving activities will give you amazing results both mentally and physically. It is possible to reverse stress and the side effects of stress.

The majority of our clients come in with signs of stress. Headaches, migraines, insomnia, irritability, muscle aches, high blood pressure, chronic pain in various parts of their body and so on......when we speak to them about their stress levels most clients report very high stress levels.

Life happens and we all get stressed. But when is too much stress bad for your health and what does high stress do to your nervous and immune system?

Learning how to combat stress is first a choice to do so; and then action to make it happen.  It's an individual decision to understand long term effects of stress and to implement change into your life. There are many things a person can do to decrease your stress levels such as regular hot baths, music, regular yoga routine, regular walking routine, regular massage routine...or a mix of some or all of these things.

The point is for people to recognize that our bodies can only take so much and our mind and our bodies need time to reset so they function as they were intended to do. 



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