NEW Worldwide Ransomware




NEW Worldwide Ransomware

A quickly-spreading, world-wide ransomware outbreak called Petya has reportedly hit targets around the world.

Tuesday, a wide range of private businesses reportedly suffered ransomware attacks.  Although it is not clear if every case is connected, at least several of them appear to be related to the same strain of malware.

From what we have been able to learn, this new worm spreads through SMB just like WannaCry, so when we're talking about machines behind firewalls being impacted, it implies port 445 being open and at-risk hosts listening to inbound connections.  It would only take one machine behind the firewall to become infected to then spread to the entire network and put all other workstations and servers at risk due to it being a true worm. 

What can you do to harden yourselves against this Windows Network Share Vulnerability. 

If you need additional assistance,
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Quanexus offers Security Awareness Training for all types of organizations at a very nominal cost per user. 



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