Join us June 5th for lunch and learn about "The Cloud"



FREE LUNCH & LEARN - Ready for "The Cloud"?

I'm reaching out to you to let you know about a FREE Lunch & Learn we are hosting on Monday June 5th.


You've probably heard about this thing called "The Cloud" when it comes to storing and managing data and Cloud based phone systems in your business.

If you're like many business owners we speak with, those two words - "The Cloud" - bring a dozen questions to mind.

What is it?

How does it work?

Is it a waste of time and money?

Is trying to use The Cloud going to be a nightmare?

How secure is The Cloud? 

That's why we scheduled this upcoming free Lunch & Learn - to provide satisfying answers to those and any other questions you have about Cloud-based phone systems, data storage, and other "must-have" aspects of your operations.


If you ask Google about the Benefits of The Cloud, you'll find over 32 MILLION results:

In other words... Far too many for this email!

 Instead, we'll give you 3.

3 Noteworthy Benefits of Using The Cloud (AKA, 3 Reasons to Attend This Lunch & Learn)

1) The Cloud cuts costs (now, and  in the future).

No more high costs of in-house hardware. You enjoy a cash flow-friendly model where you only pay for what you use.

2) The Cloud (automatically) increases profits.

Leave your IT needs to the experts and concentrate on your business. All security, maintenance, and upgrade costs are absorbed by your Cloud provider - a good day for your profit margins!

3) The Cloud improves employee productivity.

Cloud-based software allows employees to access files anytime from anywhere - when everyone knows where everything is, no time is wasted hunting through paper folders.

We at Quanexus have been in the IT business since 1992, so we remember when "The Cloud" just referred to those giant whitish-gray puffs in the sky.

Technology updates don't have to be a nightmare. Get all of your questions about the Cloud answered on June 5th's Lunch & Learn

If you questions about this event, please give Quanexus a call a (937) 885-7272 and speak with Chris Elrod
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