Detective Holly Clay retires from Xenia Police Division after 27 years

After an illustrious career marked by dedication, innovation and unwavering commitment to public service, Detective Holly Clay has announced her retirement from the Xenia Police Division, effective July 5, 2024.

Detective Clay’s journey in law enforcement began with distinguished service in the United States Army, where she served from November 1990 to March 1994 in Korea, Ft. Campbell, TN, and Somalia. Following her military tenure, she embarked on a career in law enforcement, graduating from the Ohio Peace Officer Training Program at Clark State College in 1996. She joined the Xenia Police Division as a Police Officer on June 16, 1997.

Throughout her tenure with the Xenia Police Division, Detective Clay played a pivotal role in advancing the DIVERT Program, a collaborative initiative aimed at early intervention in domestic violence cases and advocating for victims of domestic violence. Her extensive list of contributions includes the development of evidence-based lethality screenings, which have been adopted division-wide, and advocating for legislative improvements in domestic violence laws in Ohio. Detective Clay’s passion for helping others is evident in many areas of her work, including through her initiation of a task force in Greene County that is dedicated to the provision of competent and comprehensive services for survivors of non-fatal strangulation. Detective Clay’s relentless pursuit of justice for victims of domestic violence has been instrumental in transforming Xenia’s approach to handling these critical cases and helping to positively impact the lives of domestic violence survivors.

Detective Clay became the first female officer to earn a spot on the Greene County Regional S.W.A.T. Team, and her achievements are numerous, spanning various facets of law enforcement. She has been recognized for her exemplary work ethic, earning accolades including the prestigious Casey Elliott “City’s Finest” Award in 2009 and being designated a “Game Changer” by EVAWI (End Violence Against Women International) in 2017. Her commitment to professional development is evident through certifications as a Certified Voice Stress Analyst operator, Ohio Police Officer Training Academy instructor, and National Advocate Credentialing recipient.

Detective Clay’s impact extends beyond Xenia, as she has become a countywide resource for domestic violence investigation and has elevated Xenia’s DIVERT program. She has become a role model for both peers and communities, and her leadership and expertise have garnered respect and admiration from her colleagues and the community at large. Xenia City Chief of Police, Chris Stutes has high regard for her saying, “Detective Holly Clay served the Xenia Police Division and the Citizens of the City of Xenia faithfully for 27 years. Her dedication to the Violence Free Futures Program and her knowledge of the prosecution of Domestic Violence offenders and the support of Domestic Violence survivors will be missed.”

We wish Detective Clay well in her much-deserved retirement and thank her for being a woman of exemplary character who showed unwavering integrity and passion in her career.

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