Tax Tip of the Week | The Big 5 Opportunities of This Down Cycle

Ok. We’re in some challenging times.  Economies are shifting.  Businesses are reconfiguring.  And deep uncertainty dominates many peoples’ mindsets. But smart leaders get that crisis breeds opportunity.  And so they train their brains to focus on nothing else.

Here are 5 of the NBO’s (Nice Big Opportunities) I’ve been sharing with my clients:
1.  It Has Never been Easier To Stand Out
Everyone is negative.  Customer service is being pulled back.  Innovation is shutting down.  So, great rewards will come to you as you stay positive, client-cratered and wildly creative.
2.  It Has Never Been So Easy To Retain and Secure Superb Talent
A great team of spirited people can achieve extraordinary results.  Now is a fine time to build that team.
3.  This Down Cycle Is An Excellent Time To Open Up New Markets
Not every region is in a recession so now might be the perfect time to expand into an emerging economy.
4.  With All The Turmoil, This Is An Opportunity To Get Back To The Fundamentals
Create strong value for your stakeholders.  Build a business based on integrity.  Renew deep family relationships.  Savor life’s simpler pleasures.
5.  This Is A Fantastic Time Invest In Your Learning
Learning boosts passion and engagement.  In the up-cycle, you may have been running so fast you made zero time to invest in yourself.  Yet, to be a better leader become a bigger person.
Keep Leading Without A Title.
Robin Sharma
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This Week’s Author, Mark Bradstreet

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