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If you want to achieve poor results and even crash and burn as a leader, then don't read this letter. If you want better results and a more satisfying life, read on!

A lot of my posts are about the importance of leaders taking care of and developing their employees. I want to take some time to focus on the need for leaders to take care of themselves. There are plenty of reasons why leaders neglect their self-care. There is also plenty of solid research that addresses and ultimately dismisses all excuses for neglecting self-care. For the next few weeks in my blog, I will address various areas of self-care to help you not crash and burn.

As a leader you spend a lot of time taking care of business, your company, and hopefully the people who report to you. There is a lot of responsibility on your plate and you take that responsibility seriously. So seriously that, if you are like most leaders, you actually neglect your responsibility to yourself.

The concept of self-care is gaining traction but it is an uphill battle against antiquated notions and beliefs. Those beliefs say that self-care is for the “weak.” “If I’m strong enough, I don’t need to take care of myself.” Or, maybe you just dismiss the idea of self-care as new-age mumbo jumbo.

In the face of research, those notions and beliefs crumble. In fact, when leaders model healthy self-care, employee self-care improves. Furthermore, leaders who take better care of themselves take better care of their employees. Both of those result in increased employee engagement, productivity, and revenue.

My first blog post about this important topic is already posted. I invite you to read it and the posts that will be published in the coming weeks.

If you are skeptical, I don’t blame you. I do challenge you to be curious and open to actual research that is likely to quell your skepticism.
You lead because you love to lead, you love to lead your business and the people who work with you. I bet, if you are not tending to your own self-care, there is an emptiness, a sense of something missing that gives you pause to doubt and find less joy in the thing you love. So, if you want to be a better leader, and even enjoy leading even more, I invite you to stay tuned to my self-care blog series.

Committed to your growth,

Michael Anderson CPQC

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