Greene County Council on Aging - December 2022 Insights

Community Survey Update

Those who have been connected with the Council for a year or longer will recall that the Council partnered with Scripps Gerontology Center, out of Miami University, to survey a portion of our 60+ year old residents to gain a better understanding of needs and interests. The comprehensive survey was completed by just over 3,000 residents from all corners of Greene County and a 112 page report is available with the methodology, data and finding.

Much of what was shared came as no real surprise, but instead reinforced what we ‘thought’ we knew based on experiences, observations and inputs. But there were also a number of ‘aha’ moments and plenty of information for the Council, senior centers, municipalities, and community organizations to consider as we plan for the future.

For example, we confirmed that virtual programming is not the end-all-be-all. It is, however, an important component of how information is shared and a portion of programs and activities can be offered. It was also made clear that even more energy needs to be expended by all of us to educate the community about important information, programs, services and support.

Respondents overwhelmingly checked ‘important’ and ‘very important’ when answering questions related to the importance of quality health care, home care and select supportive services. But a significant number of respondents also checked ‘not sure’ when rating the availability of home care and several supportive services, another indication that more information needs to be shared with the community.

Other areas covered in the survey included: internet and other technology; living arrangements and housing; community features such as civic, volunteer and educational opportunities; fitness activities; social activities; parking, streets & roads; transportation; job opportunities; health status, including functional limitations, hearing & vision, and quality of life; potential social support; senior center participation; experience of growing older.

Of the respondents, just over half were 60 to 69 years of age, 57% identifying as female, two-thirds married or living with a partner, 89% identifying as white, and 58% reporting they were retired and not looking for work. Information about accessing the report can be found below.

In looking at geography, 36.2% resided in Beavercreek Township, 17.8% resided in Bath Township, 14.3% resided in the city of Xenia, and 31.7% resided in other cities and townships.  

Community Survey
Findings on Our Website
Greene County Community Survey

We thank everyone who responded to the survey, and are pleased to announce the full report is now available on our website:

The report is 112 pages and has several sections, including one breaking down data by community. The report is also available on the Scripps website, along with a number of other research efforts from all over Ohio.

A report summary will be available before the end of the year, which will be added to the website and be available for pick up at the Council office.

Cards and Letters

In the last newsletter, we told you about a new program, Letters from Friends, where volunteers will write cards and letters. We’d like to thank all those who reached out to volunteer.

Fetching the mail and finding something that is not a bill or junk mail is such a lovely surprise, isn’t it? If you would like to receive the occasional card or letter, please contact Carol Kunze at 937-376-5486 x122 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thoughts for a New Year

No matter how you feel about the past year — whether it was the best year or one of the harder ones — we are all always hopeful for better days in the coming year. We wish for happiness, joy, peace, good luck and good health for ourselves, our friends and loved ones, and maybe even the whole world. During the holiday season, songs sing of peace on earth and good will toward men, although the news seems full of the opposite.

Many people find peace and joy by turning their attention outward, to others. Thinking about other people and acting to help can lift spirits and lighten our own burden. It doesn’t take much time or money to smile at someone, share a treat to eat, or ask if you can help. Do a kindness for someone as often as you can throughout the year. It will benefit you as much ~ or maybe more ~ as it helps someone else.

The world is full of kind people….
If you can’t find one, be one.
~ Unknown

It's Your Money ~
Is Cable TV Killing Your Budget?

The typical cable TV expense is between $100-200, and you are probably NOT getting your money’s worth. We have an alternative to propose, and we need you to keep an open mind and read this entire article before saying 'No'. If you are in one of the cities surrounding Dayton, you can expect to clearly receive 30+ channels, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, and PBS, plus all the sub-channels associated with these local networks, such as Me TV, LAFF, My TV, Bounce, Charge, Ion-TV, Escape, Court TV, Comet, and 5 separate PBS channels. Click here to read our proposal.

Save the Date ~ Soirée

Looking for a gift? Stroll through a “winter wonderland” filled with twinkling lights, cheery gnomes, glimmering trees, delightful gifts and treats. The air is filled with familiar holiday music. Friendly faces greet you with a smile. It is the GCCOA Annual Holiday Gift Soirée.

Mark your calendars:
Wednesday, November 30th, 10 am - 6 pm
Xenia Community Center.

All creations and treats are made by your Council’s talented team and wonderful volunteers. All proceeds will be used for future senior and caregiver programs and services.

Weather Closing Policy

When schools are closed or on a delay, any Council activities in that community that day are canceled. The Council itself is closed when Greene County is under a Level 3 snow emergency, which is issued by the Greene County Sheriff.

Thanks to Our Presenters

The Scam and Fraud Prevention seminars presented at various senior centers during August and September were very well received. Attendance and interaction were very high.
Thanks to the presenters: (left to right): David Hayes, Greene County Prosecuting Attorney, David Peterson, Attorney, and Greene County Sheriff Scott Anger.

Thanks to the Shredding Event Participants...

Thanks to all who came out to our Fall Shredding Event. If you missed it, save your financial and medical papers for the Spring Shredding Event.

... and Thanks to These Folks

Our sincerest appreciation to our wonderful It’s My Money presenters. They do a terrific job of sharing important information and motivating us to take action. We look forward to working with them for the spring It’s My Money Program.
● Jerry Mahan   
● David Peterson
● Andrew Thielman    
● Dave Cusack

We would like to give a second shout out to Dave Cusack who also shares his time and talents as our Legal Chat presenter. The Council hosts the Legal Chat most months and we thank our friends at Peace Lutheran Church in Beavercreek for partnering with us on this much needed educational program. 

Donor Spotlight

Please join us in thanking these generous donors who shared their financial gifts since the last newsletter.

In Memory Of:
Glenn T. Anderson
Patty Campbell
Elva Fallis Crider & W Ray Crider
Gleason Danford
Marlene Elliott
Shirl LeVesconte
Esther Pierson
Gloria Wolff

Andree Bognar
Craig & Alison Corry
Mary C. Graves
Teddy & Shirley Hoffer
Jeanette Johannes
William Kramer
Lauren Myers
Sharon Crider Rafik
Kathleen M. Taylor
Richard & Joan Taylor
Bob and Ann Williams
Amazon Smile
Kroger Community



Tingle Cook
Kyle & Stacie Davis
Debbie Dircksen
Don Dunn
Rika Hendrickson
Jim & Linda Jones
Scott Kayser
Beth Kinsel
Lynn Martin
Chris Middleton
Sherry Newcomer
Mark Rath
Kelly Rickabaugh
Tracey Rickey
Ginny Vikmanis
Lisa Weinstein

~ Important Info ~

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For more information on any of these events, or to make a reservation, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 937-376-5486.

 Medicare Open Enrollment
       Continues through December 7th
 Holiday Gift Soirée
      Wednesday, November 30th, 10 am - 6 pm, Xenia Community Center
 Medicare 101
       Wed, December 14th, 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm, Xenia Community Center
 Memory Loss, Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease
       Wednesday, January 11th, 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm, Xenia Community Center
 Grief & Loss Group
       2nd Mondays (Dec 12th, Jan 9th), 10 am - Noon, Peace Lutheran Church, Beavercreek
 In-Person Caregiver, Parkinson’s & Kinship Support Groups
       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information

 The Council’s 2023 printed calendar is available at our Xenia office and the senior centers.

Weekly Programming with our Partners at Real Roots Radio, WBZI FM 100.3:
Boomers and Beyond on Wednesdays around 12:05 pm
Partners in Caregiving on Thursdays soon after 6:00 pm

Please take some time to plan for the winter months, making sure you have enough shelf-stable food and supplies in case of bad weather. If friends, neighbors or family offer to pick up items from the store, drive you to an appointment, or do some shoveling—take them up on their generous offer! 

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