Bond Issue May 2

If you have questions you want answered about the Xenia Community Schools bond issue, please email Citizens for Continued Excellence (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with your question. Please also check out Xenia Community Schools Facebook page where information will continually be posted.  If you want to be a part of the bond issue campaign, there are meetings every Monday at 5:30 pm at the Senior Citizens facility across from the YMCA - please attend.

The Xenia Community Schools bond issue on theMay 2ndballot is a 4.2 mill issue.  The cost to taxpayers would be $12.26 per month per $100,000 of market value.  By law, the bond issue funds can only be used for building construction and improvements.

A state agency, the Ohio School Facilities Commission, did an assessment of Warner Middle School and Xenia High School and recommended that both buildings be replaced because of the extent and cost of numerous building issues. The assessments cited: a lack of fire suppression systems, leaking roofs and water damaged ceilings, rusted and collapsed pipes with failing shut off valves, aging and unreliable heating systems, numerous issues with ADA compliance, inadequate wiring and electrical systems, classrooms that are too small and poorly configured, and several other problem areas that need costly repairs, updates or replacement.

The state agency estimated the cost of repairs and renovations would total approximately 72% the cost of building new, up to date schools, and has offered to pay more than $28 million to help replace the buildings, contingent upon the passage of a bond issue to fund our local share.

We want for our residents to have all of the facts so that when they go to the polls onMay 2ndthey can make an informed decision.  We would ask that upon receiving these e-mails you send them to all of the contacts on your e-mail list.

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