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Does anyone else remember this joke: If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

Pilgrims! Yeah, it’s a groaner, and for some reason my mind latches on to bad jokes I learned in grade school. 

Sadly, it’s no joke that despite a plethora of leadership information there are still plenty of ill-prepared leaders and underperforming teams. Early in my leadership career I was well-intentioned and ill prepared. I want to be part of the solution and empower leaders and train future leaders.

I encourage you to not overthink leadership. I have conducted a few leadership training sessions with teams this month and always encourage leaders to focus on the fundamentals of leadership. It is fundamentals that win championships in sports and it is fundamentals that create the best leaders and high performing teams. So, just what are those fundamentals?

 The world “Leader” actually has assumptions that expose those fundamentals. I blogged about some of these fundamental assumptions this month.

While not implied in the word “Leader” it is also true that leaders are relentlessly developmental. They know that the results they seek and are responsible for, are achieved by the people they lead. Therefore, it is to everyone’s benefit for leaders to build the people around them. Here is a book recommendation for you: Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go. It is one of my favorite leadership books and one I frequently recommend to people.

Below are some other great articles about leadership!

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Michael Anderson

Blog Posts & Articles


How to Set Healthy Boundaries When Starting a New Job

"After a long and arduous job search, Anna was overjoyed to receive an offer from a top marketing agency. She eagerly accepted, excited by the prospect of expanding her career by working on bigger accounts. Anna went to great lengths to ensure she left her previous job on a positive note, after which, she dove headfirst into preparing for her new role."


3 Ways Leaders Can Reduce Burnout and Improve Retention for Their Hybrid Workers

"According to a recent workplace survey, 80 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds said that friendships with co-workers are the most important thing to them at work."

Portrait of happy multi-generation family sitting at breakfast table in home

How Understanding Your Family Dynamics Can Improve Work

"Managing people means engaging with their psychology. Understanding someone and why they behave the way they do takes a lot of effort, but it can also unlock better ways to work together. The same goes for yourself. Your own psychology, reflecting, developing self-awareness; those take time, but they can bring you to a better place in your job and career.."

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