Country Blessings News: Small Business Saturday Nov. 26

Hi, my name is Rose-Marie from Country Blessings here in Xenia. I wanted to stop in to talk to you about marketing or sponsorship for Small Business Saturday, but my hours of operation here at the store are so close to yours, we miss each other, so please read on to find out what I am planning...

I am trying to get a city-wide movement for Small Business Saturday, which is November 26th. I was going to all the Xenia city small business owners (there are a lot) and getting a great response. I have included the prices on the document and an example of the flyer. It will be a double sided flyer. On one side it will have a map with street names and locations next to numbers to associate with the business. On the other side will be the specials for the day. The surrounding areas will be filled with business or sponsorship ads.

There are two options:

1) Host or do an event or special for the day. You would be listed as a number and have your business attached to the street and your number (so individuals can find you on the map). In addition, you can list your special for the day on the back side of the flyer. Each individual business is either hosting a special sale or refreshment for the day.
2) Sponsoring other small businesses by placing an ad on the flyer. It will let the customers know that you are also a small business. You may not be retail or have anything special for the day, but they will see your name and ad listed with the others. For just the listing it's $25, for the ad is $55. You just let me know if you would like to be a sponsor or a participating business.

The Goal is to get not only Xenia residence to shop here, but to make it more exciting year after year that others will come to the City of Xenia in order to do their Small Business Saturday shopping.

We will be getting flyers made for the participating businesses. They will be available the 2nd week of November. I will be doing Facebook advertising, signs, newspaper and WBZI will be running advertisement air time for us. If you would like to possibly join in or by supporting other small businesses please let me know as soon as possible. I am trying to wrap this up by the end of next week. We'd love to have you join us. Please feel free to contact me about any questions you may have.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Rose-Marie Bradley, owner
Country Blessings
937-376-2499 shop
937-830-6190 cell

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