Construction Management Minor Will Open Doors for Students

A new pathway to careers in construction management is now available for college students pursuing a degree in civil engineering or business management. Leading the way for this new on ramp to the construction management career is a new construction management program at Cedarville University. Through the university’s school of business, five courses will provide students with a minor in construction management. The construction management minor, which officially began in the fall 2021 semester, is primarily available for management and civil engineering students who have demonstrated an interest in the construction management industry.

“There are very limited options in this region where you can get an education like the one offered at Cedarville and also be in construction management,” said Rick Prigge, associate professor of management. “This gives an opportunity to those with a civil engineering background who know they’re going to be working in construction.”

Cedarville students spurred on the creation of the minor.

“Students started asking about construction management,” Prigge said. “This minor helps students with the foundational knowledge in the field, which should help students seeking internships and a more clearly defined career path going forward.”

Before coming to Cedarville, Prigge owned and managed his own company in construction management, and has earned his Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and his Ph.D. in construction management. “There was a need that was presented and with this being my background and a passion of mine, why not?” Prigge said.

There will be five courses covered in the construction management minor, including Construction Estimating, Construction Planning and Scheduling, Project Management, Contracts and Delivery Methods, and Construction Materials and Methods. Prigge is optimistic about how the new minor is going to benefit students. Not only do they have the opportunity to add another skill to their tool belts, but it will offer a great deal of versatility in their future careers. “You could be a scheduler, an estimator, a superintendent or a project manager,” said Prigge. “There’s many different aspects of construction management that people can do.”

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