Cedarville University News

  • University Embarks Upon 10-Year Campus Master Plan
  • Cedarville Named to Forbes List of America’s Top Colleges
  • Nurse Practitioner Program Nationally Ranked for Affordability
  • Innovative Facemask Clip Reduces Football Collision Impact
  • Freshman Class Leads Cedarville to 13th-Consecutive Record Enrollment
  • Cedarville is Ranked Highest Among Ohio's Private Universities
  • Getty’s SING! Seminar and Concert Plays in Cedarville
  • Iowa Family, Business Give Cedarville University $10 Million Gift
  • Kokosing Commits $100,000 to Cedarville Civil Engineering Program


University Embarks Upon 10-Year Campus Master Plan
This summer, the first phases of a comprehensive 10-year campus master plan at Cedarville University are underway.

By fall 2020, Cedarville will open two new buildings: a 300-seat dining facility featuring Chick-fil-A and a 282-bed residence hall. Construction on the residence hall has already started on the north end of campus, while site development for the Chick-fil-A building began this summer. The new dining facility will be located next to Centennial Library and facing Cedar Lake.

Although parking will be limited at the front of campus, members of the community are welcome to enjoy meals at the new Chick-fil-A, just as they are able to do at the university’s dining hall or Stinger’s snack shop in the lower level of Stevens Student Center.

Following in the plan is a new civil engineering building, slated for completion in 2021. Cedarville enrolled its first class of civil engineering students in fall 2018. Actual enrollment far exceeded projections in the first year, and the program is expected to grow even further.

Callan Athletic Center will be expanded as part of the 10-year campus master plan as well. A new athletic weight room will be added and locker room space increased. New classrooms and faculty offices will be included to accommodate two new graduate programs: the Master of Athletic Training and a Physician Assistant program, both slated to begin in 2022.
A new home for the School of Business Administration is projected for completion by 2023, providing additional instructional space for one of Cedarville’s largest schools.

A welcome center and liberal arts building will become a new, highly visible element of campus and the village of Cedarville by 2025. This stately structure, featuring a beautiful cupola dome and classic columns at the front entrance, will face St. Rt. 72, situated between Founders Hall and the Apple Technology Resource Center.

Also, part of the plan will be improvements to the university property bounded by St. Rt. 72. This will include landscaping along the sidewalk, a new green space for the university and community in place of Faith Hall and a gateway arch in front of Founders Hall at the intersection of College Street and St. Rt. 72.

“This plan will change the look of Cedarville’s campus and contribute to the beauty of the village of Cedarville,” noted Dr. Thomas White, president of Cedarville University. “The 10-year campus master plan will allow us to increase the number and scope of academic programs and enlarge the university’s capacity to affect the lives of undergraduate and graduate students for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ.”

Cedarville sought the input of more than 3,000 faculty, staff, students, alumni, community members and friends of the university in the development of the 10-year-campus master plan.

To learn more and to view renderings of the planned improvements, visit cedarville.edu/masterplan.

Cedarville Named to Forbes List of America’s Top Colleges
Forbes Magazine announced its best universities in the United States and according to the report, Cedarville University is one of the highest ranked universities in Ohio.

Forbes’ list of America’s Top Colleges for 2019 ranked Cedarville University the third-highest among universities in southwest Ohio, and no. 8 in Ohio. The highest ranked universities in southwest Ohio are Miami University, the University of Dayton, and Cedarville.

Cedarville University was the only Christian university from Ohio to make the national list. Statewide, Cedarville followed Kenyon College, Oberlin University, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio State University, Denison University, Miami University, and the University of Dayton. 

The Forbes ranking is based on early- and mid-career salaries of alumni, student satisfaction ratings, low student debt and default rates, leaders in American society coming from a university, on-time graduation rate and academic success.

Cedarville recently welcomed more than 1,000 freshmen to campus, the largest freshman class in school history. This school year marks the 13th consecutive record enrollment for the university.

Cedarville University is currently in the midst of a 10-year campus master plan that will position the Christian liberal arts and professional programs school to continue growing and expanding. A 282-bed residence hall will open in Fall 2020, as will a 300-seat Chick-Fil-A restaurant, and a facility for the university’s civil engineering program. 

The master plan also includes a new school of business administration building, a welcome center and liberal arts building, and expansion of Callan Athletic Center to accommodate new master of athletic training and physician assistant programs by 2022.  

Nurse Practitioner Program Nationally Ranked for Affordability
Cedarville University’s online family nurse practitioner (FNP) program has been ranked as one of the most affordable in the nation, and bringing the most value among Ohio schools, according to Nurse Practitioner Schools (NPS).
Other universities on the list include the University of Alabama-Birmingham, Middle Tennessee State University, Ball State University, and Old Dominion University. Cedarville was the lone Ohio university listed in the top 15.
NPS is an online resource for prospective nursing students that provides information about the nursing field so that students can make wise decisions about their future career path. Cedarville is ranked ninth nationally and was the only Ohio school listed among the top 15 programs.
“We recognize that most graduate students work full-time or part-time while enrolled in graduate courses,” said Dr. Kim Higginbotham, assistant dean of the school of nursing, director of graduate programs and associate professor of nursing. “We have strived for flexibility and affordability for the online FNP program as well as the other M.S.N. areas of focus, such as pediatric nurse practitioner, nurse educator, global public health nursing and nursing leadership in healthcare improvement.”
Cedarville’s FNP program prepares students to provide primary care across the lifespan and requires pediatric, adult, older adult and women’s health clinical courses. Graduates are eligible to sit for certification through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board and through the American Nurses Credentialing Center. “The hallmark of the M.S.N. program at Cedarville is the integration of a biblical worldview throughout the curriculum,” explained Higginbotham. “Our graduates are prepared to provide competent and compassionate care to patients and families.”

Innovative Facemask Clip Reduces Football Collision Impact
Big hits are a well-known facet of football, but two dreamers tinkering in a garage are on the verge of making a game-changing impact on one of America’s favorite sports.
Rich Williams, a 2011 alumnus of Cedarville University, and his friend and business partner, Justin Summerville, have created the S.A.F.E. (Shock Absorbing Football Equipment) Clip, which attaches the facemask to a football helmet in a revolutionary way.
“A lot of the emphasis recently in making football safer has focused on the bonnet, which is the most prominent part of the helmet, the hard shell that goes around the head,” noted Williams. “But 70% of the hits in football contact the facemask.”
From watching football on TV and in person, Summerville wondered if the problem was being approached in the right way. What if the helmet was adapted somehow to absorb some portion of the G-forces that often contribute to concussions and head injuries.
“Justin thought, ‘Football shouldn’t be this dangerous,” Williams said. “What if we could make the mask attachments something like the crumple zone of a car, where the bumper absorbs a lot of the impact of a crash. But in this case, the material returns to its original position.”
SAFE Clip SAFE Clip 2






Williams and Summerville came up with a clip that attaches securely to the helmet, holding the facemask snug to the helmet while allowing a slight amount of give on impact. Inside Summerville and Williams’ clip is a small cube of rubberized plastic, called Sorbothane, that absorbs and abates the G-forces from helmet-on-helmet contact and allows the facemask to reset to its normal position.
In testing, helmets equipped with Williams and Summerville’s S.A.F.E. Clips were able to reduce G-forces by a minimum of 19% and a maximum of 35%. Testing was conducted at an independent laboratory following standards established by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment for new helmets.
“This mitigating of the G-forces could be a game-changer when it comes to reducing the possibility of head injuries,” Williams noted.
The S.A.F.E. Clip retails at $29.99 for a set of two, which is the number required for holding many facemasks to the bonnet. So far, high school and youth football teams in Ohio, Michigan, Florida and North Dakota have purchased the clips for their helmets.
Collegiate teams at the University of Minnesota, Wayne State University, the University of Toledo and Texas A&M have also tested the clips on their helmets.
The S.A.F.E. Clip has had a number of prototypes before landing on the one currently for sale. Williams and Summerville have raised $700,000 in capital to develop and market their product. They have also secured three patents and manufactured more than 2,000 clips to date. Beyond football, the clip has potential application in other sports that use helmets, such as hockey, and they have been in touch with representatives from the National Hockey League.
To take the sales and acquisition of their impact-absorbing clip to the next level, Williams and Summerville will be part of Cedarville’s inaugural Entrepreneurship Accelerator program. The program seeks to connect business start-ups with expertise and funding sources to help them succeed.
The Entrepreneurship Accelerator is led by Dick Blanc, a 1982 Cedarville alumnus and former managing partner of Accenture, LLP, an international consulting company that helps businesses grow through innovative strategy and technology.
“We really want to see Cedarville become the recognized hub for faith-based entrepreneurship in the Midwest,” Blanc said. “We want startup companies like S.A.F.E. Clip to benefit from our seasoned Entrepreneurs-in-Residence with deep experience in angel investing, venture capital, serial entrepreneurship and venture law. The Entrepreneurship Accelerator is a way for them to be part of a disciplined process that will help them scale their business, develop healthy capital structures and provide opportunities to network with and pitch to investors.”
"We desire to scale startups with both significant business returns and significant impact aligned with our values.”
Participants in the accelerator, which is open to students from any major, faculty, staff and Cedarville alumni, will be able to pitch a business idea at a “shark tank” type event to be held next spring. In addition to benefitting from their engagement with established entrepreneurs, students are also able to earn college credit by participating in the accelerator.
“My interest in developing a small business was sparked when I was a student at Cedarville,” Williams noted. “Now, with the help of the Entrepreneurship Accelerator, Justin and I are trying to do something that will change football as we know it.”

Freshman Class Leads Cedarville to 13th-Consecutive Record Enrollment
Cedarville University announced today its 13th-consecutive record enrollment, with 4,380 undergraduate, graduate, and online students a part of this year’s campus community. 

The freshman class of 995 students is the largest incoming class in university history, representing a 9% increase over last year’s record of 911.

In 2018, total enrollment surpassed 4,000 for the first time in school history. The 2019-20 census marks a 4.5% increase, or 187 students, over last year’s enrollment of 4,193.

Enrollment in The Graduate School at Cedarville University also continued to climb with 497 students taking classes in the Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Ministry, Master of Divinity and Doctor of Pharmacy programs.

Cedarville is currently in the midst of a 10-year campus master plan that will position the Christian liberal arts and professional programs school for continued growth. A 282-bed residence hall will open in fall 2020, as will a 300-seat Chick-fil-A restaurant and a new facility to house the university’s civil engineering program. 

The master plan also includes a new school of business administration building, a welcome center and liberal arts building and expansion of Callan Athletic Center to accommodate proposed Master of Athletic Training and physician assistant programs by 2022. 

"We are humbled by the privilege God has given us to be part of His transforming work in the lives of these students,” said Dr. Thomas White, president. “We pray we are faithful in providing an excellent education marked by intentional discipleship in submission to biblical authority.”

According to Dr. Scott Van Loo, vice president for enrollment management, most incoming students chose Cedarville because of the university’s biblical worldview, academic reputation, the Bible minor built into every academic program, and the daily chapel service with dynamic worship and impactful teaching.

The new freshmen come with impressive academic credentials. The average ACT score of this class is 26.7, with an average high school grade point average of 3.86.

Cedarville continues to attract students from all over the country, with 48 states represented in the current student population. 

“The continued growth of Cedarville University is a testament to God’s kindness and goodness to this institution,” White said. “We are committed to stewarding all that He has entrusted to us, remaining faithful to advance the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ in all we do.”

Cedarville is Ranked Highest Among Ohio's Private Universities
U.S. News and World Report and The Wall Street Journal have ranked Cedarville University among the best colleges and universities in Ohio. Now, College Consensus ranked Cedarville sixth among all midwest universities, and the highest ranked private college in Ohio.
Regionally, Augustana University in Sioux City, Iowa, is top ranked. Ohio universities following Cedarville include Ohio Northern University, University of Mount Union, Marietta College, Defiance College and Wilmington College.
College Consensus combines The Wall Street Journal and U.S. News & World Report rankings, plus thousands of student reviews from sites like Cappex and Student Review, to provide the most accurate and comprehensive ranking of a school’s reputation.

Getty’s SING! Seminar and Concert Plays in Cedarville
Cedarville University will host the regional SING! Ohio conference on Monday, October 28, featuring Keith and Kristyn Getty. It will be held in the Dixon Ministry Center from 12-9 p.m., and the public is invited to attend.
Gettys SINGOhioThe Gettys are musicians from Northern Ireland who now reside in suburban Nashville. Their most well-known song is “In Christ Alone,” which Keith wrote with Stuart Townend; it has been the top church worship service song in the United Kingdom for the past nine years.
In 2017, the Gettys created the national SING! Conference and tour. The Getty Music Worship Conference, which quickly became the largest worship conference in the country, is expected to draw more than 13,000 people this year as it is expanding its program to regional venues, including Cedarville University in Ohio.
“Keith’s passion is to get the congregation involved, having singable songs with universally true lyrics. He wants people to sing to the Lord,” explained Dr. Roger O’Neel, assistant chair of worship and associate professor of worship.
At SING! Ohio, there will be a free leadership summit from 12-2 p.m. in the Dixon Ministry Center Recital Hall where Keith Getty will discuss topics including “A Vision for a Singing Church” and “Singing into Mission.” Attendance is limited to 180 people. Register at cedarville.edu/singohio.
That evening at 7 p.m. in the Jeremiah Chapel, the Gettys will perform a concert, their lone concert in Ohio this year. Along with the Gettys and their Irish and Bluegrass musicians will be a 250-member choir featuring Cedarville University students and individuals from church choirs throughout the Miami Valley. Tickets for the concert are available here and range from $12-30.

Iowa Family, Business Give Cedarville University $10 Million Gift
Cedarville University received the largest financial commitment in its 132-year history today when Mark Scharnberg, a 1997 graduate, on behalf of his family and Katecho and Surmasis Pharmaceuticals of Des Moines, Iowa, pledged $10 million in honor of Scharnberg’s father, Lorne C. Scharnberg, a faithful dad, beloved grandparent, innovative business owner, and tireless advocate for Cedarville.

The gift was announced as a surprise to the senior Scharnberg during the president’s annual State of the University chapel address in the Dixon Ministry Center Friday morning. Lorne Scharnberg was in attendance to receive Cedarville’s prestigious medal of honor, celebrating his significant contributions to the institution and his 25 years of service on the Cedarville Board of Trustees. Scharnberg is just the 14th recipient of the medal, the last recipient being Rev. Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan’s Purse and son of the late Billy Graham, in 2012.

Following the awarding of the Medal of Honor, the president revealed the $10 million gift and announced that the new business building – one of six major building projects in the university’s 10-year campus master plan – would be named in honor of Scharnberg.

“Today I am thrilled to announce that our new school of business building will be named the Lorne C. Scharnberg Business Center,” said Dr. Thomas White, president. “For years to come, there will be a stone of remembrance on this campus to celebrate all that Lorne Scharnberg and his family have done to further the mission and vision of Cedarville University. For years to come, future generations of business leaders will be trained to use their gifts for God’s glory, the good of mankind and for their joy.”

“My father is passionate about Cedarville’s vision to transform lives for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ,” said Mark Scharnberg. “What an honor to be a part of providing a facility that will equip future business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals to use their career as a platform for ministry. This is how my father has lived his life, and we are thrilled to continue his legacy through this gift to Cedarville.”

Lorne Scharnberg served three terms as chair of the board and one year as vice chair. He joined the board in 1994 and served until moving to emeritus status in 2018. In 2007, Lorne Scharnberg was recognized as the Honorary Alumnus of the Year for his faithful service to Cedarville. He has also served on the Business Advisory Council for the school of business administration (SBA) and was named the 2005-06 executive-in-residence of the SBA.

Lorne and his late wife, Kathi, founded Katecho, Inc., a medical manufacturing business and a world leader in the manufacturing of hydrogel, in 1984. They also started Surmasis Pharmaceuticals, a contract pharmaceutical manufacturer. Kathi served the company as its chief financial officer until her passing in February 2018. Lorne remains the chief executive officer for Katecho.

Kokosing Commits $100,000 to Cedarville Civil Engineering Program
The Kokosing group of companies, one of the largest family-owned construction conglomerates in the country, has committed $100,000 to the construction of Cedarville University’s new civil engineering building, slated for completion in fall 2020.

The Kokosing gift is part of Cedarville’s ongoing efforts to find both private and public partners for the civil engineering building project.

Cedarville began its civil engineering program in 2018, and the program has already experienced tremendous growth. Anticipating 10 students in the first year, the program admitted 30 students. Application numbers for the program indicate even higher demand in the future, which prompted the efforts to build the estimated 20,000 square-foot civil engineering facility with labs, classrooms and faculty office space.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Kokosing works primarily throughout the Midwest and Mid-Altantic regions. The primary business lines are transportation, commercial, industrial, power, water and wastewater facilities, marine, pipelines and more. Kokosing employs 3,500 people and has revenues exceeding $1.5 billion annually.

Kokosing was founded by Bill Burgett in 1951, and the company remains wholly owned by the Burgett family. Bill was tenacious in his faith and established Kokosing upon these faith-based principles among other core values including operating with integrity and being a good member of the community.

Kokosing and the Burgett family partner with universities throughout the state to promote engineering programs, and to expose students to hands-on construction and engineering experiences. This commitment is the company’s first contribution to Cedarville University. Kokosing is pleased to partner with a university with a mission that aligns with the company guiding statement. Two third-generation members of the Burgett Family, Brooke Hoeflich and Tiffany Loose, graduated from Cedarville University.

Cedarville University is currently engaged in a comprehensive, 10-year master plan that includes construction of new buildings and infrastructure improvements all designed to accommodate a growing campus community and enhance academic and student living experiences. The plan was researched and developed during the 2017-18 school year with extensive engagement by faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members and was approved by the Board of Trustees in May 2018.

In addition to the civil engineering facility, the bold plan includes five other major facility projects: a Chick-fil-A dining commons, a 282-bed residence hall, an academic facility for the School of Business Administration, a welcome center and liberal arts building, and an expansion to Callan Athletic Center. The master plan also includes projects that will make the campus easier to navigate, more beautiful, and even more welcoming.

The completion of the plan will position Cedarville for years to come as a university where students’ lives are transformed through excellent education and intentional discipleship for godly service and vocational distinction.

Kokosing looks forward to working with the university to establish internships and co-op opportunities, which have the potential to result in employment opportunities for Cedarville civil engineering graduates.


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