Collett Adds Power Washing to Services


While Collett Power Washing can clean the exterior of your house, have you thought about your other personal property? Camper, boat, ATV, Farm equipment? Take a look around and I bet you need a helping hand. If so, visit or call us today!

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So Much More Than Homes and Decks!

Jet Skis
Farm Equipment
So much more!

Wether you've been working hard or playing hard outside, Collett Power Washing can care for your equipment and your toys.

Call today for details!
937-372-9194     Option #2

Gentle, Safe, and Quick

All of our power washing services include our professional touch:

Correct pressure to keep coatings and paints safe and sparkling like new.

Top quality cleaners to keep the environment and your property safe and clean.

On-Site Cleaning Available! Cheaper Rates!

Are you all hooked-up and really want things clean before putting it all away?

Bring your set up directly to us in our large parking area to make the cleaning safe, quick, and not to mention, a little cheaper. A full-sized semi can make it in and out of our facility, no problem!

all today for details!!

937-372-9194     Option#2

Return on Investment... It Pays To Belong

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