Greene County Public Health Asks Residents to Participate in Online Survey

Greene County Public Health officials are conducting an online survey, a Community Health Assessment (CHA), which is the foundation for improving and promoting the health of community members.

This updated version of the CHA will describe the health status of the population, identify areas for health improvement, determine factors that contribute to health issues, and identify assets and resources that can be used to address the community’s health improvement. The data collected will provide a broad assessment of community health issues, at risk behaviors, and aids in shaping a broader definition of community health. It will also aid in monitoring the impact of community health improvement plans and trends.

Greene County Public Health officials are asking residents to take a few minutes to complete the survey by March 5th.

To complete this online survey, please go to

The Community Health Assessment is one of three required documents that must be submitted as part of the Accreditation application process through the Public Health Accreditation Board. For more information, please call 937-374-5600, visit the website at or on social media at and To learn about Public Health Accreditation Board, please visit

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