Valuation Complaints as A Result of COVID 19

Greene County Auditor David Graham announces potential property tax relief to property owners who believe their property value decreased as a result of the pandemic. Under provisions contained in Senate Bill 57, property owners can file a valuation complaint valuing their property as of October 1, 2020 instead of the traditional tax lien date of January 1, 2020, if the reduction in valuation is due to circumstances related to the COVID 19 pandemic or a state COVID 19 order.

The complaint must specify particular circumstances that caused a reduction in the value of the real property and must provide evidence of the diminished value as it relates to COVID 19. Complaints under this provision must be filed by September 2, 2021. Forms necessary to complete this appeal process are available on the auditor’s website or can be obtained from his office.

Generally, property owners are precluded from filing a valuation complaint more than once in a three-year period, but under the provisions of this bill property owners may file regardless of past filings. Hearings will be scheduled for property complaints under the provisions of Senate Bill 57. Property owners should be prepared to provide evidence of how the pandemic resulted in a loss of value of their real property. Forms of evidence could include an appraisal for the property subsequent to the financial impact of the pandemic or income and expense statements for 2020 and the two preceding years along with any relief funds received as a result of the pandemic.

While residential property owners can appeal their property value under these same provisions, residential property values have remained strong throughout the pandemic, making a successful complaints less likely.

Questions about the process should be directed to the county auditor’s office.

David A. Graham
Greene County Auditor

69 Greene St.
Xenia, OH  45382

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Phone:  937-562-5065

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