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  • Cedarville Named Best Value Among Ohio’s Christian Universities
  • Six-year Pharmacy Option Offers Quicker Path to Increased Earnings
  • Prestigious Honor Society Comes to Cedarville
  • Health Care Administration New to MBA Program
  • Research, Strategy Drives Cedarville to New Website
  • Cedarville's Olympic Champion Nominated for ESPY Award
  • Cedarville Named Best School for Business Majors in Miami Valley

Cedarville Named Best Value Among Ohio’s Christian Universities
College students want to receive the best education at the most economical cost. According to SmartAsset, an independent tech company that addresses financial questions, Cedarville University is the best value among Christian universities in Ohio.
“What makes Cedarville University such a good value is seeing how successful our graduates are in their lives and in the workforce,” said Jeff Reep, director of career services. “So many of our students are working for well-known companies and have been prepared by faculty who see the big picture, not just the four white walls of their classroom. Our programs are exceeding national standards and students are receiving a good return on their investment.”
The study ranked schools based on scholarships provided, tuition, living costs, retention rate and starting salary for graduates.
Cedarville students’ tuition is the second lowest among all private universities on the list, and it has the lowest student living costs ($8,600 annually) among all Ohio universities in the report. The university’s student retention rate of 86 percent is sixth in the Ohio survey, and the starting salary for its graduates is nearly $47,000.
In its state-by-state rankings of private, public, secular, and Christian universities, SmartAsset ranked Case Western Reserve University as the best value in the Buckeye state. It was followed closely by Ohio State University, the University of Dayton and the University of Cincinnati, and Cedarville University.

Six-year Pharmacy Option Offers Quicker Path to Increased Earnings
This fall, students at Cedarville University’s School of Pharmacy will have the option of finishing with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in six years instead of seven, with an expected savings of about $20,000--with the opportunity to begin earning a salary 12 months earlier.

The new six-year option is another important benchmark for the Cedarville school of pharmacy, which received accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education in July 2016.

“We’re looking for ways to improve,” said Dr. Marc Sweeney, dean of the School of Pharmacy. “We’re innovating new ways for students to approach the curriculum. In an age of rising higher education costs, this is an opportunity for students to finish a year earlier and enter the workforce sooner,” added Sweeney.

Adjusting the curriculum to allow for a six-year finish allows Cedarville to leverage a change in higher education:  many students arrive on campus with almost a semester’s worth of credits.

“We realized we needed to look at those students a little differently and see if we could help them complete the program in fewer years,” Sweeney said.

The six-year option requires students to take a full load of online classes during the summer between their freshmen and sophomore year. Students considering this option should also have successfully completed college-level general chemistry I and II prior to arriving on campus.

Sweeney advises students considering the six-year plan to contact the school of pharmacy for guidance about other advanced placement and dual enrollment courses that would be helpful to complete before attending Cedarville.

Although students are finishing three years of prepharmacy coursework in two years, there’s no change in the curriculum, Sweeney said. Plus, students taking the accelerated option will earn a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences by the end of what would be their sophomore year.

“Other six-year pharmacy programs typically don’t offer their students the chance to earn a bachelor’s degree,” Sweeney said. “We’re affording them the opportunity to receive both a bachelor’s degree and their Doctor of Pharmacy in six years.”

According to Sweeney, earning two degrees sets apart Cedarville School of Pharmacy graduates among their peers. “As they’re competing for jobs, that additional credentialed degree is very valuable,” he said.  

“Students have to recognize they’re going to put a lot of work into those first two years,” Sweeney added. “They’re going straight from freshman to junior year, with summer classes in between. You have to be ready, motivated and willing to push forward.”

Students choosing this plan can still take advantage of internships and mission trip opportunities during the summer between sophomore year and the beginning of the professional program.

For more information, contact Lauren Wiebe, Cedarville’s director of pharmacy admissions, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at 766-7404.


Prestigious Honor Society Comes to Cedarville
Rho Chi InductionOne year after graduating its first class of students in its Doctor of Pharmacy program and receiving full accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, Cedarville’s school of pharmacy established the Rho Chi Society, Epsilon Mu chapter. Thirty-seven students from the classes of 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 were inducted into the organization.

Cedarville University’s School of Pharmacy is now the 132nd Rho Chi chapter in the United States. Rho Chi was established in 1922 as an honorary academic society that serves to encourage and recognize lifelong intellectual pharmacy leaders, stimulate critical inquiry to advance pharmacy, promote high ethical standards and foster collaboration.

Dr. Miriam Ansong, associate professor of pharmacy practice and director of drug information, and Dr. Brenda Pahl, assistant professor of pharmacy practice, serve as the inaugural advisers for Epsilon Mu and are active members of Rho Chi.

According to Dr. Paul Jungnickel, presiding national officer and past president of Rho Chi, it’s an honor for a newly accredited school to even be considered for a Rho Chi chapter. The school of pharmacy’s professional program was established in 2012 and granted its first Doctor of Pharmacy degrees last year.

“Pharmacy school is challenging and our students work so hard; they deserve an opportunity to be part of a society that recognizes academic and professional excellence,” said Ansong.

Unlike other pharmacy student organizations, members must meet certain requirements: have completed three semesters in the professional pharmacy program, be among the top 20 percent of his or her class with a GPA of 3.5 or higher and have no known disciplinary or academic dishonesty records.

“Rho Chi recognizes students who have put in the time and effort to excel academically,” said Pahl. “It’s a prestigious honor to be selected to join the Rho Chi Society for life.”
The advisers of Epsilon Mu would like to thank the school of pharmacy’s administrative team headed by Dr. Marc Sweeney, dean of the school of pharmacy, for their support in making the chapter live and active.

Health Care Administration New to MBA Program
Health care in the United States is an ever-changing environment, and is expected to be for many years to come. Health care leaders who serve the best interests of patients with compassion and truth are needed now more than ever. To meet that need, Cedarville University is launching a new health care administration track in its Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

This announcement was made today at a news conference at 11:30 am at Soin Medical Center in Beavercreek.

The new MBA – health care administration program  will begin in August 2017, pending approval by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. It will target professionals seeking additional responsibility in their current career path or those exploring an occupational switch. The Cedarville MBA will equip graduate students for leadership and management roles in a variety of health care settings – hospitals, nursing homes, urgent cares, assisted living facilities – among others.

“People who know Cedarville University know we’re strong in health care,” said Dan Sterkenburg, assistant dean for graduate programs in the school of business administration. “Anytime you can add a concentration that is leveraging what you’re already known for, high academics and the sciences, then you’re doing the right thing.”

In addition to the typical rigor and thorough-going approach of a Cedarville degree program, students also develop a distinctly Christian foundation in a profession known for its ethical challenges.

“With the MBA – health care administration concentration, we will provide students the tools to understand health care policy, which is very complex,” said Sterkenburg. “We will teach data analysis to recommend quality improvements in health care delivery. We will offer an entire course on ethics, addressing end-of-life issues, abortion, genetic manipulation and resource allocation. It’s very important for Christians to have a strong foundation in Scripture to know how to position themselves with these issues.”

The health care business environment is rapidly changing, according to Sharon Christman, assistant dean for graduate programs for the school of nursing and a consultant for the program. The Cedarville MBA – health care administration degree is the right program, at the right time, from the right place.

“Compassion for people is at the heart of what we do,” noted Christman. “The people doing the books are usually most concerned with balancing their books. Our graduates will have a greater ability to think through not only the business principles in the MBA, but also the ethical and interpersonal considerations associated with health care experiences.

“Cedarville University is grounded in biblical truth and the message of God’s sacrifice for people he loves,” she added. “That is an excellent basis for an environment focused on helping people who are hurting. If I were a patient, I’d want a hospital administrator who earned their MBA at Cedarville more than anywhere else.”

Faculty from the schools of business administration, pharmacy and nursing will teach the completely online program. The accounting and marketing classes will be taught by business professors, while health science professors will instruct the four concentration classes in health care systems, health care policy and data analysis, quality management and ethics.

Graduate students can complete the specialized MBA in the same amount of time as the core MBA program. The MBA – health care administration is comprised of 12 classes, taken online seven weeks at a time, two or four courses per semester, year-round. Graduate students may complete the program in one or two years, depending on their pace.

For more information, visit cedarville.edu/MBAHealthAdmin.

Research, Strategy Drives Cedarville to New Website
For nearly the past 18 months, Cedarville University's web team has been conducting research and creating a strategy for a new website for the university. On Thursday, June 22, at 9:30 a.m. the website went live, and many believe the impact will be noticeable to the people who visit the site (cedarville.edu).

This extensive research, planning, content creation, programming, and production has resulted in a site that has been completely reimagined from design to navigation and (although largely invisible) is now housed within an upgraded Sitecore content management system. Nearly 200 new pages of marketing-driven content—including a page for every major, minor, and special program—were created.
The goal of the new site development has been to provide an easy to navigate, engaging, shopping-like experience for students, parents, and other constituents who are visiting our virtual front door, and want to learn more about Cedarville University.
"Mark Mazelin (director of web services) is to be commended for his excellent, tenacious leadership of this entire process," said Dr. Janice Supplee, vice president of marketing and communications. "His team of Josh Erlandson and Bill Rubosky worked tirelessly, along with student workers Michael Hayes and Emmett Budd, to bring this web redesign to fruition."

Supplee also cited Michele Solomon, copy editor, for her work of engaging with academic leaders and many others across campus to craft all of the new content, and Chad Jackson, creative director, and his team for providing the hundreds of images and videos seen throughout the site.

Cedarville's Olympic Champion Nominated for ESPY Award
grace obamaAn ESPY award could be the next accomplishment for Cedarville University sophomore Grace Norman. The 2016 Paralympic triathlon champion was nominated for the Best Female Athlete with a Disability award, which will be awarded on July 12 in Los Angeles' Microsoft Theater. Former two-time NFL Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning will host the event.

Other nominees for the award include Oksana Masters (Nordic skiing), Tatyana McFadden (track and field), Becca Meyers (swimming) and Shawn Morelli (cycling).

The ESPY winners are selected by online or mobile voting at ESPN.com/ESPYS. The ESPYS and related events benefit the V Foundation for Cancer Research in memory of Jim Valvano, former head basketball coach at North Carolina State University. Valvano's 1983 team won the NCAA national championship, and 10 years later, he passed away from bone cancer.

Norman created excitement throughout the country when she became the first American, and the youngest member of the U.S. team, to win the triathlon at the 2016 Rio Paralympics. She followed her gold medal accomplishment with a bronze medal in the 400-meter run just 36 hours after the grueling triathlon.

This was an amazing accomplishment for the youngest U.S. triathlon athlete at the Games. Norman is the only Cedarville University student to ever compete in an Olympic event.

“Cedarville has been a huge support to me throughout the Paralympic Games,” said Norman upon her return from Rio. “My professors were gracious enough to allow me to put my studies on hold while I was there. The love and support I received from Cedarville was incredible, and I am so grateful to be a Cedarville Yellow Jacket.”
Leading up to the Paralympic Games, Norman endured 10 months of intense training. Her work paid off in many ways, including learning valuable lessons about life and helping others.

“One of the things I learned during the games was how to look at a challenge in a positive light,” said Norman. “I was so sore and tired from competing in the triathlon that there was no way I could’ve done what I did in the 400-meter dash if it wasn’t for the strength of God running through me.”

But hearing the national anthem of the United States of America helped to ease the pain.

“I will never forget the moment I stood on the medal podium with my hand over my heart and heard our national anthem,” said Norman. “When I started singing and the tears started to come, pride in my country and an overwhelming amount of emotion came up as I realized what I had just accomplished.”

Norman’s quest for Paralympic gold literally began within the first six months of her life. She was born without her left foot and ankle and her right big toe due to Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS).

Norman’s parents – Tim and Robin – cared for their young daughter as though she had no physical issues. She had two surgeries before her first birthday and learned to walk with the assistance of a prosthetic, which was fitted for her one month after her first birthday.

Norman’s parents coached her on how to deal with struggles she faced from her condition. They also guided her athletically, which gave her the confidence to live just like anyone else and do whatever she wanted to do.

“Growing up, my body was able to adapt to using a prosthetic easily, so I was encouraged to play sports and not let anything stop me,” said Norman. “I was also encouraged to not let what others thought of me become what I thought of myself.”

Norman attributes her positive demeanor to her father, who is a professor of mechanical and biomedical engineering at Cedarville.

“My dad helped instill in me an attitude to never give up in the face of challenges. He pushed me to give my best in everything I did and to give all the glory to God,” Norman stated.

Cedarville looks forward to seeing what “amazing” Grace has in store as she studies nursing and sets her sights on the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo.

Cedarville Named Best School for Business Majors in Miami Valley
Cedarville University’s business program, according to the website Zippia, is ranked among Ohio’s top 10 programs — and is the highest ranked in the Miami Valley.
Ohio State University is ranked atop the list. Other schools on the list include Miami University, the University of Cincinnati and Case Western Reserve. Cedarville is ranked 10th.
Zippia is a new website dedicated to helping recent college grads with their careers. Factors that influenced the statewide ranking include the quality of the program and how students perform after college.
“Our rankings focus on the strength of each business program and how well it prepares its graduates for extended, successful careers,” said Chris Kolmar, head of marketing at Zippia. “If you’re looking to make a savvy business decision about where to get your business degree, you want to understand the long-term return on investment of the college you attend. Universities like Cedarville offer graduates the opportunity to start their career on the right foot.”
Dr. Jeff Haymond, dean of the school of business administration, believes the ranking validates the exceptional learning that takes place at Cedarville University.
“We're honored to be recognized as one of the best Ohio business colleges,” said Haymond. “We remain committed to our pursuit of excellence so that our graduates will honor God with their exceptional job performance. Our students deserve a great business school, and we'll continue doing our best to prepare tomorrow's business leaders.”
Cedarville strives for excellence in their business program with eight majors and an online Master of Business program. Graduating students are prepared for their careers with practical training through a biblical lens.

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