Walk with Hope & MORE!!

Let your walking do the talking!

This year on Saturday, June 12th, Bridges of Hope will host its very first Walk with Hope! The Walk with Hope is a simple way for people of all ages to get involved by actively supporting the value of a human life – and a desire to make a difference in the lives of women and men in our community who are struggling with poverty, homelessness and the consequences of addictive behaviors. By raising funds and walking yourself or sponsoring another walker for the Walk with Hope, you are directly helping the ministry of Bridges of Hope advance its mission to cultivate a Hub of Hope that raises up the homeless and needy through the love of Christ.

The walk will be around 2 miles long and can be done in person at Bridges of Hope or on your own!  Start setting up your personal fundraising page today!!  


Meet one of our guests!
Eugene Schneider is a fifty-five-year-old resident that came to Bridges of Hope right during the COVID pandemic.  Eugene lost both his mother and his girlfriend during this time, and their deaths had a huge impact on him, “Shocked” was the word he used. Unfortunately, that was the least of his issues. 

Eugene now found himself homeless and without a support system. Quick thinking and word of mouth led Eugene to Bridges of Hope one evening.  One of our managers recently had the opportunity to sit down with Eugene and ask him about the impact of BOH on his life. 
Since being here at Bridges of Hope, have you learned anything about yourself?
“Yes, my passion for music. I have my days when I'm down and once I play music it's like the music speaks for me and all I have to do is relax”. 
What does Bridges mean to you? “I am grateful for everything Bridges of Hope has done to help me better myself. I would be lost without Bridges of Hope & have the utmost appreciation for you guys here”. 
Could you explain? “Being in the situation I am currently in, many of my peers use it as a justifiable means to abuse drugs or alcohol. But I have not, and I am proud of myself. The staff here help in any way possible, and they have done plenty for me. Since being here at Bridges of Hope, I have maintained part time work, and have kept my car in good shape. Also, with the help from the shelter director and HCRP case manager, I am close to finding my own permanent housing. My most impressive feat that I would not have achieved without the help given was that I learned how to trust again.  I have gained friendships and even a girlfriend. Bridges of Hopes is deeply revered in my book.  The effort shown and the willingness to help has helped me continue to have a positive outlook on life. They have been persistent and eager to help me better my situation, so I will always have an open spot in my heart for Bridges of Hope.  Thank you.”

We continue to be amazed at all the nightly meals that come in from the community every day!!  Our guests are so blessed by these amazing foods that caring individuals, groups, churches and friends put together.  A meal for 25-30 people is no small thing and we realize the sacrifice that that might be to some. We often hear of families taking money from a garage sale to fund their meal gift, or a child doing a bake sale or lemonade stand to be able to buy food for our pantry.  Amazing!!  God is so good and is using our community to bless these individuals that come to stay with us.  They see these acts of kindness and it MAKES A DIFFERENCE in their lives.  Thank you!!

Thank you for your continued support for Bridges of Hope.  Continue to pray that the work we do here makes an impact for good on people's lives and hope for the the future. 

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