Artist Gary Blevins Speaks at the WIB Luncheon

A well-known local artist whose sports and nature paintings are much in demand speaks at the Women in Business Luncheon Thursday, March 2. Gary Blevins joins one of the select few men asked to share his journey at the 11:30 Luncheon at the Xenia YMCA. Sweets Boutique will cater the event. Register through the new Chamber website or crGaryBrespond to this email.

From Joey Votto to Mohammed Ali, from Captain Jack Sparrow to Norman Rockwell, Gary Blevins is a master of painting the realism and the surrealism of sports and wildlife.  There is a struggle of triumphic grit and glory showing humanity and spirit in every Gary Blevins painting.  

Growing up in Springfield Ohio in the 60's and 70's, Blevins brings the energy of this influential period to his professional career.  The quality and popularity of his works rank him as one of the most successful current American artists.  Gary's passion for his subjects, his "in your face" composition, and his creative painting techniques, bold lines, aggressive use of color and daring shapes and forms all make his painting distinctive one-of-a-kind works.

Born and educated in Springfield Ohio, Gary attended the School of the Dayton Art Institute and Ohio State University.  Gary has studied across the United States and made a trip to Paris in 2016 to study in the Louvre.

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