XCSF Supports STEAM Science Olympiads

XCS fifth graders and Xenia High School Bio Tech students are participating together in a series of five “Elementary S.T.E.A.M. Day/Science Olympiad” events. These fun filled and instructive day long sessions have been made available through the efforts of the Xenia Community Schools Gifted Staff and financial support from the Xenia Community Schools Foundation.

STEM Challenges comprise the competitive part of the experience. The challenges include: Barge Building, Egg Drop, crOlympiad7Mystery Architecture, Straw Tower and Mystery Boxes. Students engage in these hands on activities with a partner and experience engineering first hand, using prior knowledge of scientific principles and problem solving skills. In addition, there are hands-on sessions including DNA Extraction from Strawberries and Candy, Micro Pipette, Gel Electrophoresis and Making Cheese in a Test Tube.
The Bio Tech students assist the fifth grade students and provide information and advice in an interactive environment. Fifth grade students compete for prize packages and medals through the course of the day.

The program includes a full day session at each elementary school. It incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Art. The students complete tasks involving collaboration, communication, creativity, problem solving, innovation and critical thinking. Hopefully, the experience will lead to exploration into career options and plant a seed for students to realize their potential, think creatively and work collaboratively.

The Xenia Community Schools Foundation is dedicated to enriching the academic pursuits of all students, faculty and staff within the Xenia Community Schools. The Foundation has provided grants for teacher and classroom enrichment programs and scholarships, from the investment income of the Foundation and donations, for the past thirty years. The Xenia Community Schools Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. For additional information, visit xcsfoundation.com.

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