Microsoft Exchange Security Vulnerability Update


Quanexus Security Team Alert
Microsoft Exchange Security Vulnerability Update


On March 2nd, vulnerabilities were identified on premise-based Microsoft Exchange servers. Exploits for these vulnerabilities have been detected and are being used to attack the vulnerability. The versions affected are Exchange 2013, 2016 and 2019. There is also a security update to resolve a known vulnerability in Exchange 2010.
The vulnerability only affects on-premise Exchange servers. It does not affect Office 365 Exchange. If you are on the Office 365 Exchange platform you are not affected. 
On March 3rd, all clients on our Q-Works platform, running on-premise Exchange servers, have been successfully patched to remove the vulnerability.

Quanexus strives to be proactive at keeping our clients protected. We are constantly watching the cyber threat landscape and taking action when necessary. Patching and updating is just one step in our layered security approach.


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