MainSt Shopping - Helping Small Businesses with Mobile Selling Tools

Join the revolution of small businesses that are unifying their shopping experience to allow customers to buy from local small businesses & stay connected more easily.

Over two decades ago, Jordan Gray was at the core of building a successful first-generation dotcom selling machine that is still cranking out sales today! ( Today, Jordan is helping MainSt Shopping become the easiest mobile selling tools for small to medium size businesses.

Join his open webinar sessions if you or someone you know could use an easier way to sell in these changing times. Mobile technologies have become the defacto point-of-sale and businesses that have not yet leveraged eCommerce yet can leapfrog some of the website selling systems and go live on the new mobile marketplace, MainSt.Shopping. Not only does it make local shopping easier (connecting otherwise separate websites for all the local stores) ARknet App users can shop anywhere from anywhere using the teleport features.

Tune in to find out more. Share on social media if you have friends you believe could benefit from MainSt.Shopping Webcasts. (Every Tues, Wed, Thurs at 1 PM ET)  

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Return on Investment... It Pays To Belong

When a business invests in the Xenia Area Chamber, it forms a partnership with over 400 other investors that leverage time, money, and other assets to create stronger individual businesses and a stronger community.