City of Xenia Seeks Further Redevelopment in Downtown

A redevelopment project in the heart of Xenia is taking an exciting step forward as the City of Xenia and the newly-formed Xenia Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) work together in partnership to redevelop Towne Square.

The Towne Square shopping center, located along W. Main Street, was constructed after the devastating tornado that hit Xenia in 1974. While the plaza has served the city well since that time, the City of Xenia is anxious to reimagine the space and restore some of its original and historic aspects. “While the Towne Square shopping plaza has served as a center of commerce for many years, the changing retail landscape on both national and regional levels has taken its toll,” said Development Director Steve Brodsky. “We are excited to work with the Xenia community, the CIC, and private development partners to reinvigorate the shopping center and reintegrate it into the historic downtown. This will not be a short-term process, but we look forward to a stronger and more active downtown area.”

The City of Xenia owns the land on which the shopping plaza sits; however, it has recently initiated steps to acquire the leasehold interest, which includes the two primary buildings. Ownership of the leasehold interest allows the City of Xenia and the CIC a better ability to move forward with redevelopment plans. Before any redevelopment on the site, the City of Xenia will gather extensive input from the public. City leadership feels it is very important to have feedback
from residents on their long-term vision for the site. “Executing a comprehensive redevelopment of Towne Square must start with our community reimagining what works best in the location,” said Xenia City Manager Brent Merriman. “We are excited to work with our partners to initiate a community conversation on the future of this important part of downtown.” 

The project will include the portion of Towne Square that formerly housed Kmart, and the buildings that currently house establishments such as Family Dollar, Buck and Ear, Comfort Dental, and Acapulco. City leadership has been diligent in working to find a development partner and has identified the group it will work with to best bring the community’s vision to life. The City will have no further comment until action by City Council is taken.

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