XACC Endorses Xenia City Schools Bond Issue 24

At our September 15th board meeting, the Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce (XACC) Board of Directors voted unanimously  to endorse the Xenia City Schools’ bond request, which is on the November 3rd ballot as Issue 24.

The Xenia Area Chamber’s mission is to build a better Xenia, so that businesses can thrive and the community can prosper. Chamber leaders believe there are many factors that contribute to the economic growth and quality of life in the Xenia area; and among these, the quality of our educational system is paramount.

The passing of Issue 24 in November will allow the Xenia City Schools (XCS) to build a new Warner Middle School, replacing the 1962 building which is in serious need of new heating, plumbing, roofing, electrical, air conditioning and fire systems.

The XACC Board of Directors, following the lead of the community-led campaign team, Citizens for Continued Excellence, understands the challenging economic and social times and supports the Bond Issue in November because:

  • This project will create safe, secure spaces for students in grades 6-8, featuring similar design and technology to the K-5 buildings.
  • Construction and bond rates are currently low, meaning cost savings for the district and taxpayers.
  • The community made its voice heard through more than two years of engagement efforts by XCS.
  • A newly constructed building will provide a safe, modern learning environment while operating more efficiently and saving costs.

To find out more about Issue 24 and the Facilities Master Plan go to www.xeniaschools.org

Alan Milkis
XACC Chairman of the Board


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