NovoPrint Starting Calls for Advertising on New Xenia Maps

It's time for an updated Xenia map and here is your chance to advertise to local and out of town visitors. 

Here at the Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce (XAAC) we give out Xenia area maps on almost a daily basis.  People moving into the area, bicyclists, new military families and others often stop by to get a map of the area.  The maps are also distributed throughout the City and Greene County and are available online as well.

XACC has worked with NovoPrint USA for many years to contract with advertisers to help produce these maps.  You can anticipate a call from Craig Eckstein.  We hope when Craig or his associates contact you, you will consider purchasing advertising that will not only benefit you but will also support your Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce. 

Take a look at the last map we produced by clicking here.

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