July 2020 Business Connection

Business Connection
July 2020 

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Success in the Era of a Virtual Workplace
August 18 - 20, 2020 | Virtual | 10 - 11 a.m. EST
With the significant increase in remote work and virtual meeting tools, having the skills to connect, collaborate and succeed through virtual meetings will be important for everyone in the workforce. Whether you are still working remotely or back in the office, meetings will continue to utilize virtual tools. The way that we connect now with both our internal colleagues and outside partners, clients and stakeholders has changed.
The Clark State Success in the Era of a Virtual Workforce training program takes remote work training beyond the individual, time management, routine building trainings we have all become familiar with. This training is the next level - providing excellent virtual customer service to both internal and external stakeholders, virtual presentation and meeting skills to keep your audience engaged and how to make meaningful connections and continue to foster relationships in the virtual work world. 
August 18, 2020: Successful Connections in a Virtual World 
Participants will learn how to successfully connect with individuals when working virtually. This session will cover:
  • Presence and posture- creating a positive visual and voice connection with your audience
  • Distractions - minimizing distractions that may inhibit you from having a great connection with your audience
  • Background - creating an inviting backdrop for your meeting
  • The do's and don'ts for virtual meetings
August 19, 2020: Communicating with People in a Virtual World 
  • How good are your communications skills?
  • Crafting clear email messages
  • Phone etiquette when working remote
  • Non-verbal vs. verbal communication
  • Communications Skills Test
  • What can you do better?
August 20,2020: Connecting and Collaborating in a Virtual World
  • Running successful virtual meetings
  • Virtual presentation skills
  • Conducting successful meetings via a virtual format
  • Collaboration tools to stay connected
Series Cost - $200 | Single Session - $75

Professional Supervisor Training

Take your management team to the next level. Clark State's Professional Supervisor Training addresses the core functional areas of supervision: Management Effectiveness, Work Ethic, Assigning Work, Planning, Effective Communication, Leadership, Coaching, Motivation, Managing Conflict and more. Participants will learn tools and guidelines to enhance personal development and utilize individual skills.
Does your business or organization have a need for Professional Supervisor Training? Please let us know by completing our interest survey here.
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