Central State University’s new president has pledged $50,000 of his salary toward creation of a new Presidential Scholarship Fund, he announced today.

In a video released by the university, Dr. Jack Thomas said he was motivated make the gift to show solidarity with university employees financially affected by COVID-19.

“Though it was difficult for the university to institute furloughs and wage reductions, these were prudent decisions to ensure that Central State remains on sound financial footing,” he said. “I would not ask others to endure sacrifices that I’m not willing to endure myself. So today I’m pledging $50,000 from my salary to create a Presidential Scholarship Fund for our students.”

Dr. Thomas said his commitment is just the beginning for the Presidential Scholarship fund and for Central State.

“I will immediately seek a $50,000 matching gift, and continue to leverage that cumulative $100,000 investment to bring other contributors to this fund so that Central State University’s greatest resource – our students – are given every advantage to get the quality Marauder education that only Central State University can provide,” he said.

The launch of the Presidential Scholarship Fund is yet another signature move at the outset of Dr. Thomas’ 15-day presidency.

Nearly a month ago, he penned an Op-Ed supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and calling on community leaders to work with him to make sure the nation is safe for everyone. A week before becoming president, he appointed a Blue-Ribbon Task Force of higher education experts to help guide his strategic thinking. And over the past weekend, he championed a pop-up fundraising effort on-line that garnered $15,000 in pledges for the university.

Dr. Thomas took office as the university’s ninth president July 1. He has communicated his nine strategic goals, of which University fundraising is one.

CSU Presidential Scholarship CheckChairman of the Central State University Board of Trustees Mark Hatcher (l) with President Jack Thomas (r).

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