Mental Health and Recovery Board - July 2020 Newsletter

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As we enter the six-month mark of COVID-19’s presence in our daily lives, we’re familiar with many of its tell-tale symptoms: dry cough, fever, loss of taste and smell, and more. And as our employees work and isolate at home, we’re also noticing the mental health symptoms of the pandemic, including depression, anxiety and stress. Unfortunately, the pandemic has an additional, more insidious side effect: a rise in domestic violence. Quarantine and isolation practices, while an important public health practice, make leaving an abuser even more dangerous and difficult.

As employers, our first responsibility is to ensure that our employees are safe and well. For many people who work from home, their most consistent outside contact is with the people they work with. For this reason, coworkers and employers should familiarize themselves with common signs of domestic abuse and the resources available to assist them should they suspect someone is being abused.

The links above and other resources in this month's newsletter are one way for you to ensure that domestic violence doesn’t become another epidemic.  View the entire newsletter here

- Dr. Greta Mayer

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