Historical Society Still Going Strong

The Greene County Ohio Historical Society, 74 West Church St., has reopened to the public, with limited hours for the present.  Regular office hours are noon to 4 PM on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday only, until further notice.  "Many of our volunteers and visitors are in high-risk categories, and we don't want anyone to become history before their time," said Executive Director Catherine Wilson.  “Face coverings are requested, and groups of fewer than 10 are preferred, but the public is welcome.”

The Historical Society consists of three buildings: the 1799 Galloway log house, furnished as if it were 1803; the Trebein-Flynn house, which portrays the time period of 1870-1920; and the 3-floor Brantley Carriage House, with a variety of exhibits on transportation, medicine, and what life was like in Greene County of the past.  "We have very few documents or family history files, but we can show you what tools your ancestors used or what sort of dishes they ate from," Wilson stated. "We even have a bowl used by the mother of James Galloway, who built our log house.  That's a piece of history you won't see anywhere else."

For further information about the Greene County Ohio Historical Society or its programs, please contact them at 937-372-4606 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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