A Letter from Your Chamber President

Dear Chamber Members and Friends,

I recently asked myself this question:

“How can I ask our members to renew their membership when the COVID-19 outbreak has all but devastated our economy?”

My answer?

“How can I not ask?”

It would be disingenuous if I were to be apologetic toward the value of this organization.  Long before the coronavirus epidemic, in times of crisis, the Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce has circled the proverbial wagon.  We all know Xenia has had its fair share of crisis’.  Today is no different.

Look at your emails from us – Your chamber team has been relentless in researching and providing timely, relevant information to help members survive and move forward.

My confidence in the value of this membership is unwavering.  Whether in the past or today the chamber staff and board remains focused on meeting the needs of and advocating for association members and our community as a whole.

As for your dues, discounting your members investment would be discounting the value of the Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce.  That being said, to ensure we all “keep our wagons together” we want to offer what many of your fellow members have already taken advantage of; monthly reoccurring membership payments instead of one yearly lump-sum payment.

We know that many of you are struggling financially to make ends meet and we hope this can make a small difference.  To take advantage of this opportunity either now or when your renewal time comes, download and complete this form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  She will contact you to set up your payment plan and we’ll help get you started down the road to recovery while maintaining all of your chamber benefits.  If you would prefer to not send this information by email just call the office and we’ll get you started.

Please know that the Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce is here to assist and advocate for you and there are other member benefits that might be able to cut some costs for you.  Do not hesitate to call us at 937-372-3591 and ask for details.

Alan Liming

Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce

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