DP&L Implementing Changes to Ease Financial Burdens

DP&L is implementing changes to ease the financial burden for customers facing hardships. Plus, business customers may take advantage of benefits in the federal CARES Act. See our latest updates at: www.dpandl.com/update 
For residential customers, in addition to the suspension of disconnections already announced, the following customer payment relief actions are also in place for the duration of the State of Emergency.
DP&L is temporarily waiving customer reconnection fees, late payment fees, and service fees for credit and debit card payments.
The up-front security deposit for service connects is no longer required. If a customer's situation requires a deposit, it will be posted on the first bill statement.
To assist customers, DP&L will arrange flexible payment plans for past due balances.
To avoid the risk of face-to-face contact, DP&L is suspending in-person meter reading. If we cannot read your meter, we will estimate your usage, subject to reconciliation when we are able to read your meter.
DP&L is extending the winter reconnect policy through May 1. Eligible customers may pay no more than $175 to have service reconnected or maintained, including customers who have already used the policy during the 2019-2020 winter season.
Customers can perform nearly all customer service functions online and through DP&L’s automated voice phone system.
o Sign in or create a profile at mydpandl.com
o Residential customers call 800-433-8500
o Business customers call 800-253-5801
Business customers may take advantage of benefits in the recently passed CARES Act. A comprehensive guide to federal and other resources is available from our partner, the Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce, at xacc.com/news-releases
We continue working in your community 
You will still see DP&L field technicians working in and around your community. As always, their work is helping to ensure that residential communities, businesses and critical facilities have the power they need. 
As a precaution, if you do see our workers, please avoid approaching them and their work areas. If there is a need to speak with them, be aware that they will be maintaining at least 6 feet of separation. We’ll also be keeping this recommended distance anytime direct interaction for essential services is required on customer properties, inside homes and businesses, consistent with CDC and other public health guidelines. 

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