National Public Health Week 2020 Featuring COVID-19 Focus

As part of National Public Health Week, April 6-12, Greene County Public Health is joining local health departments throughout Ohio to share information on COVID-19 and how it impacts the efforts of public health. Public Health will be sharing videos and information related to the daily themes on its social media platforms throughout the week to show how we work with local agencies and other partners to impact the lives of Greene County families throughout this pandemic.

This year’s daily themes from APHA and what Greene County will be doing include:

MONDAY: MENTAL HEALTH — advocate for and promote emotional well-being COVID-19 is causing heightened levels of stress. In particular, isolation and quarantine can be highly stressful. Many in the public health and health care sectors, as well as those working in affected industries, are shouldering a significant mental health burden. Greene County Public Health will share resources for people who are experiencing loneliness and isolation from the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Madison, Clark and Greene Counties.

TUESDAY: MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH — ensure the health of mothers and babies throughout the lifespan Research to date finds pregnant women and young children do not seem to be more susceptible to COVID-19. If anything, women (in general) may have a survival advantage over men (In China, 2.8% of infected men have died, compared to 1.7% of women). Greene County Public Health will be sharing how to access public health programs in Greene County such as home visiting, early intervention, children with serious medical conditions and the WIC program.

WEDNESDAY: VIOLENCE PREVENTION — reduce personal and community violence to improve health Increased stress can lead to increased aggression, feeding a cycle of violence especially in communities already under strain. Our health educators and the Family Violence Prevention Center will highlight what nurturing relationships look like and the impact COVID19 can have on families.

THURSDAY: ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH — help protect and maintain a healthy planet Registered Sanitarians with Greene County Public Health will talk about inspections in restaurants and follow up investigations on complaints received in response to COVID-19.

FRIDAY: EDUCATION — advocate for quality education and schools As schools are often the key source of daily nutrition for students in low-income families, school systems are now called on to find ways to distribute meals while maintaining social distancing. We will share stories from the community on how schools are continuing to feed students and highlight the Greene County Public Library’s response to COVID-19, including the amazing Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

SATURDAY: HEALTHY HOMES — ensure access to affordable and safe housing We will highlight the current need for financial support and volunteers in shelters for people experiencing homelessness during COVID-19.

SUNDAY: ECONOMICS — advocate for economic empowerment as the key to a healthy life One of the most dramatic reactions to COVID-19 has been that of the stock markets and the underlying industries they represent. It already appears clear that many industries and their employees will suffer a significant financial hardship. We are going to highlight the ways our local Chambers of Commerce are supporting small businesses. 

For more information about local public health efforts, check out our website at and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for daily updates and information.

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