Cedarville University January 2020 Updates

  • Computer Science Program Receives $411,600 Grant
  • Blood Pressure Checks for the Homeless
  • Father-Daughter Dynamic at the Heart of “The Heiress”
  • Cedarville University Receives $1.5 Million Estate Gift
  • Online Nurse Practitioner Program Ranked Nationally
  • Students Hit Home Run at “The Pitch”
  • MBA Program Ranked 4th in Ohio
  • Class of 2019 Finding Jobs at Record Rate

Computer Science Program Receives $411,600 Grant
The state of Ohio and the Department of Higher Education (ODHE) awarded Cedarville University a five-year, $411,600 grant to provide student scholarships. This award will support student recruitment and continuation for the first two academic years. Awards in subsequent years are subject to budget appropriations by the Ohio General Assembly.
This round of Choose Ohio First (COF) scholarships can be used for incoming students starting in the fall of 2020 who are either computer science or computer engineering majors.

“This provides an incredible incentive to attend Cedarville versus another Ohio university that does not have access to this program,” said Dr. Robert Chasnov, dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Science.
According to Dr. Seth Hamman, associate professor of computer science, for a relatively small investment of taxpayer money, the program helps keep top high school students in Ohio for their college education and will provide a boost to Ohio’s economy since they are likely to stay in state for their careers in the tech industry after they graduate.
“We are privileged to steward these state funds and to help advance the goals of the Choose Ohio First Scholarship program,” Hamman said. “Overall, being entrusted with these funds is an affirmation from the state of Ohio of the quality of our school of engineering and computer science programs, and it is a huge blessing for Cedarville.”  
Because of this scholarship, Cedarville can compete with other highly ranked computer science and computer engineering programs around the state of Ohio.
“Cedarville University, as a whole, benefits greatly from the national recognition given to our computer science program by the National Security Agency and our Center for the Advancement for Cybersecurity,” Chasnov said. “It also benefits our computer engineering program through our highly acclaimed competition teams.”   

Blood Pressure Checks for the Homeless
Cedarville University molecular biology major David Gibbs wanted to serve the homeless and underserved, and while serving at a soup kitchen or handing out blankets are extremely viable ways to care, he wanted to use his vocational training and passion. So in August, Gibbs began providing blood pressure checks in inner-city Dayton.
Beginning January 18, 2020 and every Saturday until April 26,  Gibbs and his Hearts for the Homeless team visit Target Dayton Ministries in inner-city Dayton, a church and ministry to the homeless, and set up a booth to provide blood pressure screenings. The students will serve between  2:30 pm to 5:00 pm.
While checking clients’ blood pressure, Gibbs and his fellow volunteers educate them about the dangers of hypertension and cardiovascular disease, which the homeless and underserved are at a greater risk to experience.
Hearts for the Homeless has provided blood pressure screenings for approximately 105 people since its start in August 2019. The team currently has 10 volunteers but are actively recruiting more to increase their effectiveness. Gibbs is a pre-med track molecular biology major who has been accepted to medical school at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in Houston, Texas. Hearts for the Homeless is open to any major.
“The reputation of Cedarville enabled us to work with our partner Target Dayton Ministries,” explained Gibbs. “And now, we have the opportunity to serve people who have a tremendous level of need and share the hope we have in Christ.”
Cedarville’s student government association and various other organizations have supported Hearts for the Homeless and sent their members to help.
“The Cedarville community has really come around this effort to care for those who wouldn’t normally receive regular healthcare-type services, even something basic like a blood pressure screening,” Gibbs said. “This simple act of caring is making a big difference.”

Father-Daughter Dynamic at the Heart of “The Heiress”
“The Heiress,” a comic tragedy set in New York City, will debut at Cedarville University’s DeVries Theatre at 8 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 30. The show will run January 30-February 1 and February 6-9, with 10 performances altogether.
The play centers around Catherine Sloper, the daughter of the wealthy Dr. Sloper in the 1850s, living in the Washington Square neighborhood of New York City. She is awkwardly shy and socially inept due to her father’s oppressive nature. He constantly compares her to her mother, who passed away while giving birth to Catherine, and holds her to a standard she can never achieve.
Catherine is approached by a young suitor, Morris Townsend, who is handsome and charming. Dr. Sloper is always leary of the true intent of Townsend, as Catherine stands to inherit a large amount of money. As Townsend continues to pursue Catherine for marriage, Catherine begins to soften and returns his affection.
This is all orchestrated under the watchful eye of Catherine’s Aunt Penniman, a widow and hopeless romantic who sides with Townsend, knowing that Dr. Sloper will never support the marriage. The audience is left wondering if Townsend’s intentions are true or if Dr. Sloper is correct in wondering if Townsend is indeed only after Catherine’s fortune.
The play could be considered a psychological drama, according to Stacey Stratton, assistant professor of theatre and play director. The audience sees how oppression can damage a person’s spirit and the consequences that result when people do only what is right in their own eyes. “There is a parallel lesson in following the plan that God has for us versus making our own way,” Stratton said.  
The play also has a unique richness of character. Although it has a heavy plotline, there is also an element of humor. “It’s diverse because of the comedic moments woven into the tragedy of the plot,” said Stratton. “The audience is going to invest in each of these characters in different ways.”
Playing Catherine Sloper is Teghan Reed from Mogadore, Ohio; Dr. Sloper by Blake Hansher of Grove City, Ohio; Morris Townsend by Sam Acosta of Noblesville, Indiana; and Aunt Penniman by Sara Warnshuis of Erie, Pennsylvania.  
Performances begin January 30 at 8 p.m. There are 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. showings on January 31 and February 1. There will also be an 8 p.m. showing on February 7, a 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. showing on February 8 and a 3 p.m. showing on February 9. There will be two special showings: a matinee for high school students and chaperones on Thursday, February 6, at 10 a.m, and a matinee offered to seniors on January 31, at 2 p.m.
Prices are $12 for students of all ages and $15 for adults. Special pricing is available on the following showings: $5 for the student matinee on February 6 and $12 for the senior matinee on January 31. Group tickets must be reserved by calling the Devries Theatre box office at 937-766-7787 to ensure proper payment.
Tickets can be purchased online at www.cedarville.edu/ticketinfo or at the box office by leaving a voicemail with the patron’s contact information.

Cedarville University Receives $1.5 Million Estate Gift
Cedarville University, in the midst of a strategic 10-year master plan, received a $1.5 million gift from the estate of Helen Z. Elbin. The gift will be used to provide scholarships for students and help fund the university’s chapel program. The scholarships will go through the Helen Elbin Trust Endowed Scholarship.
Helen Elbin has been a long-time friend of Cedarville University and its former radio station, WCDR. Her gift is a tribute to her relationships with Cedarville students through her church, and the ministry of the radio station. From these connections, she developed a passion to help college students prepare for their life service through ministry and quality higher education. She lived on her farm in West Jefferson, Ohio.
“We are grateful for the life of Helen Elbin, and for her long-standing commitment to Cedarville University,” said Thomas White, president. “Her estate gift will have eternal impact as students are provided financial resources to be able to enroll and their lives are transformed through Cedarville's excellent education and intentional discipleship in submission to biblical authority."

Online Nurse Practitioner Program Ranked Nationally
As the need for nurse practitioners continues to grow, the importance of a good nurse practitioner program becomes more important. And, Cedarville University’s online Family Nurse Practitioner program (FNP) is measuring up, as it was recently ranked 20th in the nation by Intelligent.com.
“Our program is unique because we pursue excellence in every aspect of nursing practice and care for the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of our patients,” Cliff Fawcett, coordinator of the nurse practitioner program, said.
According to Intelligent.com, the U.S. needs 53,300 more nurse practitioners by 2026. The demand is expected to increase by 28% over the next few years. In addition, 700,000 nurses are also expected to retire within the next decade.  
“Being recognized as one of the top programs in the country is important for two reasons,” Fawcett said. “It acknowledges the hard work our faculty has done to create a high-quality program that is academically rigorous, and it helps prospective students see that our program is competitive with the best schools in the country.”
Intelligent.com is an online magazine centered around a lifelong commitment to continuous improvement. They aim to connect students to the best schools that meet their needs, researching colleges that are teaching online the best in the three fastest growing fields: nursing, business and education.

Students Hit Home Run at “The Pitch”
Second Pitch Winners photo1A digital assistant platform that prioritizes user privacy was the first-place winner at Cedarville University’s “Second Pitch” event, hosted by the university’s Beyond Startup Accelerator program.
“The Second Pitch” was held Saturday, January 11, at Cedarville’s DeVries Theatre. Similar to ABC’s “Shark Tank,” eight students presented their entrepreneurial ideas to a panel of judges. The panelists included Joe Mulvaney, founder of Quotus, a qualitative research firm, and entrepreneur-in-residence with Beyond Startup Accelerator; Johnny Campbell, business developer for Columbus-based Bend Active and certified agent for Major League Baseball; and Kristi Kennedy, co-founder/CEO of the Bee Friendly Network and Ph.D. candidate in medical research.
Four candidates won cash prizes and a chance to turn their ideas into a investment-ready operating business.
First prize was $1,000, second $500 and third and fourth split $500.
Second Pitch Winners photo2Each contestant was given five minutes to present his or her business idea and how it will generate revenue, followed by five minutes of questions from the judges. Their presentations were accompanied by a pitch deck, a brief presentation used to provide an audience with a quick overview of a business plan, and a PowerPoint presentation designed to address the questions of potential investors.
First-place winner Colson Cissel, a senior computer science major from Woodbine, Maryland, pitched a privacy-focused digital assistant platform called Onyx. Because current smart speakers do not respect user privacy and most users have privacy concerns about smart speakers, Cissel created Onyx to protect users’ privacy. Consumers could download the Onyx Digital Assistant to their devices and hardware manufacturers could purchase licensing to voice-enable their own products with the Onyx Digital Assistant.
“The growing popularity of voice-based tech is exciting, but the lack of products that prioritize user privacy is disappointing,” said Cissel. “Ideally, a high-tech lifestyle should not have to be incompatible with a private one.”
David Sinkonis, a senior finance and marketing major from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and Luke Marquardt, a senior computer science major from Garden Plain, Kansas, created Takeyaup, a non-monetary wagering app. The betting app would allow users to create custom non-monetary bets they can send to friends or leave open for other users to accept.
“People love to prove that they're right and want to be rewarded for being right,” said Sinkonis. “This is why the sports betting industry exists, and why it will explode after national legalization. However, the current nonmonetary options are repetitive and unrewarding.”
Cameron Roseman, a sophomore marketing major from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and Rufus Mathew, a sophomore computer science major from Bahrain, created Suitis, a marketing app that integrates micro influencers through the use of artificial intelligence.The online platform organizes passionate influencers, like college students, based on location and personal interests using custom-built artificial intelligence for product or event promotion.
“I have always believed that word-of-mouth advertising is the cheapest and most effective way to advertise for any product or event, and I noticed that there is no application that embraces this fact,” said Roseman. “With the increase in popularity of influencer marketing, I realized that businesses do not have a resource that allows them to find the best people to help market their products or events, so we decided to make an application to solve this problem.”
Caleb Stanton, a freshman worship major from Ypsilanti, Michigan, pitched ChairBox, a foldable, compact storage device designed for storing wheelchairs in the back of vehicles. Stanton, whose sister uses a wheelchair, based his idea on his family’s challenges traveling with a wheelchair and their unique invention to solve the issue.
“It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention,” said Staton. “If that weren’t true, ChairBox would not exist. We had a problem, and we solved it.”
The pitch event is part of the new Beyond Startup Accelerator, a program that allows future entrepreneurs to learn skills and gain experience to launch independent startup companies or lead a startup function in existing companies by creating new products or pursuing new markets.
Audience members included venture capitalists, private equity leaders, angel investors and current business owners. Students business ideas were seen as possible investable business concepts by guest investors seated in the audience.
“I am very proud of our university and our student innovators who stepped into the unknown to provide solutions to societal challenges using a biblical worldview,” Dick Blanc, executive director of the Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program. ”The top four winning presenters are on a path to investable, scalable ventures, and we couldn’t be more proud of their boldness, creativity and passion to lead us forward!”


MBA Program Ranked 4th in Ohio
Cedarville University’s online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is ranked fourth among all MBA programs in Ohio, according to MBACentral.org.
The top three-ranked online MBA programs are at Kent State University, Baldwin Wallace University and Wright State University. Following Cedarville in the ranking are the University of Cincinnati, Ohio University and Cleveland State University.  
The methodology for the online ranking is on the quality of classes, support services and affordability.
At Cedarville University, the fully online MBA is offered through the school of business administration, and it offers concentrations in business analytics, cybersecurity management, healthcare administration, innovation and entrepreneurship and operations management. Students take their core coursework along with three or four concentration courses.
“The MBA program at Cedarville is designed to fully prepare future business executives to be beacons of excellence for God’s purpose,” said John Delano, the associate dean of the school of business administration. “Our program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), which testifies to the quality and integrity of our degree program.”

Class of 2019 Finding Jobs at Record Rate
Cedarville University’s class of 2019 was prepared for success, and the statistics prove it. Cedarville’s First Destination Survey results show that 98.5% of Cedarville’s 2019 graduates were employed or attending graduate school six months after commencement.
"We're really pleased with our career outcomes for the class of 2019,” said Jeff Reep, director of career services. “It's a real credit to very talented students, outstanding faculty and excellent academic programs."
The class of 2019 marks the third year that Cedarville’s destination rate has increased. Last year’s rate was 98.3%.
Employers who hired members of the class of 2019 include Honda, Lockheed Martin, Walt Disney, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, CAT, JP Morgan, Cleveland Clinic, Amazon, Ernst & Young, General Dynamics and Samaritan's Purse.
Alumni from the class of 2019 also entered graduate school at  Duke University, John Hopkins University, Purdue University, University of Ohio, University of Nebraska, University of Illinois, University of Iowa, Universty of Wisconsin, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech and Wheaton College.
“These results are significant because they represent the confidence and trust employers and graduate programs have in the graduates of Cedarville University,” said Dr. Thomas Mach, vice president for academics and chief academic officer. “Students invest in their education both with their time and their resources with the belief that they will gain the education and training needed to obtain a job in the field they wish to pursue. This data shows that Cedarville graduates are seeing the dividends of their investment.”
“More importantly, from a missional perspective, what this data represents is that Cedarville's well-prepared graduates will have the opportunity to use their vocation as a platform for gospel ministry,” Mach continued. “Cedarville's faculty invest in students for this very reason. These results suggest that the faculty are being good stewards of the students that come to Cedarville, and God is blessing their endeavors.”

Return on Investment... It Pays To Belong

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