Central State University to Host the first Ohio Future Farmers of America State Biotechnology Contest

Central State University is hosting the first Ohio FFA State Biotechnology Contest on Friday, January 24, 2020 from 9 a.m. - noon, located in the Joshua I. Smith Center for Education & Natural Sciences. The university is expecting 80 High School FFA Students to be on campus to compete in the contest. Each student will complete a series of Lab Practicums including Micro-Pipetting, Gel Reading, SDS Questions, Equipment ID, and present research findings from a provided scenario/problem. 

The locations of each Lab Practicum are as follows:
Presentations - AGED Conference Room and Conference Room 138.
Team Presentations Prep – Room 117 and College of Education Student Lounge
Equipment ID - Room 103 Student Lounge
Gel Reading - Lab Room 147
Micro-pipetting, Making a Solution and Label – Lab 157
SDS Questions – Auditorium

Any news organization planning to attend should notify Public Relations in advance.

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